Road Is All The Rage


Judging by the forum and talking to various people a lot of mountain bikers are interested in getting a road bike, the idea of keeping fit over winter and the appeal of riding a bike without getting caked in mud for the third time that week being a big draw.

Now, I’m a mountain biker, I’m not a cyclist. I ride mountain bikes and that’s it. My knowledge of road riding amounts to just above nothing, I don’t know who won the last Tour de France, I have no idea how to change gear on a road bike and I have never shaved my legs. The one skinny wheeled bike I did own, a Cotic Roadrat, ended up with the biggest tyres I could get in it and was used more off road than on.

Due to my ignorance of all things road bike I’m putting myself forward for a series of online articles tentatively entitled ‘Road To Now Where’. I just made that name up, right now.
Anyway, the name might change but the idea of the articles is for them to be a mountain bikers’ guide to road bikes from working out how road bike sizing works and which one to buy to what pressures to run in your tyres and the etiquette of tea stops. Some of it will seem painfully obvious to some of you, and to others, like me, it’ll answer some of those questions you’ve always wanted to ask about road bikes but were too afraid to ask.
To that end, if you have any road bike based questions you want answered feel free to send me a mail at or just post something in the comments box below and I’ll try and find an answer for you along the way.

I’m not shaving my legs though.