Orange Bits

I’ve just got back from visiting the fine folk at Orange at the other end of the valley. I was there to pick up a few bits and bobs and, more importantly, to drop off a few things. These things being cake. Cake is almost quite literally the substance which keeps the bike industry together, turn up with cake and you can be sure of a warm welcome, turn up without and don’t expect anyone to talk to you.
I brought offerings of carrot and chocolate cake and, well, reception was mixed. Whilst chocolate was universally welcomed by all carrot cake was, well, controversial. Some people objected to the fact there was vegetable in the cake, other that there was cream cheese on it. Michael Bonney, marketing bloke and a great believer that all cakes deserve a chance, forced the nay-sayers to at least sample it.


Go on, just try a little bit


You love it!

Hm, mixed success there…


More bounce from your Blood.

Whilst various people were prodding cake I went to have a poke round the assembly room and what did I find? How about a link that will give your five inch travel Blood six inches of travel? It’s a prototype at the moment but word is that it’s quite good fun.


Pink and blue. Rockin or rank?

You want colour, Orange can do colour. This pair of wheels is headed for an Orange Five with a blue front end and a hot pink rear, and matching non-matching pink and blue grips. AWESOME! I think…


"Whaddya mean you didn't see me?"

Neon yellow, safe AND on trend. Win.


Blue Blood. Bicycle royalty?

And the real reason I popped in, to pick up a Blood to call my own. Chipps’ Blood is ace and I’m not the only one to notice it. It’s more often out with a contributor or friend of the mag than it is in the office, which makes it frustrating when it’s the bike I WANT to ride. So I’m borrowing a frame for a while to spend some quality time on it. I’m quite excited.
Colour co-ordination will happen by the way pop-pickers.

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