Words done, van packed. We’re outta here.

daveiconYou can’t beat a good deadline rush even though it’s early this issue thanks to the efficiency of Sim and Ben at the helm. Finished words for the next issue yesterday, then in true male tradition started packing for our trip this morning.

A random assortment of bike kit has been thrown in the travel bag, the van is packed and we’re bout to set off four our evening ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. Once there we’re heading across and down through Germany and Austria for this years fix of fine Slovenian riding. This time we’re heading out for two weeks though.

This time we’re packing smaller travel bikes; my Orange 5 and Sharon’s Superlight. The aim is to fill in the gaps between where Matt and myself have ridden in previous trips, though I’m looking forward to sharing our favourites with Sharon. There’s something special about sharing favourite trails with others and I’m looking forward to seeing the lok on her face at the end of each days ride.

So if you see a red VW T4 Multivan on the M62 today give us a wave, we’ll be the ones with the smiles on our faces inside the van :)