I’m out of the office tomorrow. I realised as we came back from Morzine that my passport had literally days left and if I’d have been there a few days longer in France I could have been stuck there (which wouldn’t have bothered me if I’d ended up stuck in Morzine but it would have been a real pisser being stuck in Calais!).

So tomorrow it’s off to the passport office in Liverpool to get a new passport.

What has sausages got to do with this?

Although I like to think of myself as good Liberal who doesn’t racially stereotype, I’m just about to…

I’m of to Germany on Tuesday for the Eurobike Show.

For some people Eurobike is their idea of heaven; air-condioned halls that go on for ever (like the one they used to show at the end of the X-Files) filled to the brim with all that’s new shiny and desirable. You can go for days without seeing the outside world except for briefly getting out of the halls for food or a drink.

Which brings us to sausages. And in general all other pork products – in Germany they love it!

Ham (and maybe cheese) for breakfast.

Sausage and fries for lunch – washed down with a beer.

Schnitzel for dinner perhaps? Or maybe a bratw├╝rst or three with mashed potatoes and apple? Plus more Weiss beer.

After a week of this – plus traipsing around overlit air hangers – I’m a stinking mess who also has lost the ability of being regular. And I dream of bowls of salad.. with steaming broccoli.. and peas for the main.. and a fruit salad afterwards.

On a postive side, I will get to down for the night in a tent for a week (it’s cheap and 5 minutes from the show). I will catch up with industry friends who I haven’t seen for a year. And all that walking may do my hamstrings some good.

There might even be something shiny and new that catches my eye.

Wish me luck!