Oh the irony

Camp Lazar, Kobarid, Slovenia

Camp Lazar, Kobarid, Slovenia

So a week ago we retreated up to Austria from Slovenia due to the combination of high temperatures and high humidity making riding just a little bit too much hard work. In retrospect and facing the inevitable homecoming rain that seems pretty stupid now.

Regular readers will realise we’ve a bit of a soft spot for the country due to it’s fantastic landscape, people and of course ace riding potential. It’s hard not to find good trails to ride as long as you’re prepared to put the effort in dragging yourself for a couple of hours uphill.

Another footbridge crossing over the Soca river

Sharon rides another footbridge crossing over the Soca river

So two weeks were spent filling another gap in the “we’ve ridden there” map but as usual we left with several promising trails unridden that’ll keep the what if thoughts coming and map daydreaming going until another trip is planned.

Next time it’s back to the more usual spring/autumn timing though I reckon.