Issue 52: Update

benji-iconAKA the Ben & Sim issue.. right then, words and pics are beginning to trickle in. I’ve tried to chase up some words from folks and hopefully by the end of this week we could have about 25% of the mag’s “raw materials” in for Sim to stitch together into prettiness.

Many pre-thanks to ST helpers Steve and Dave A for getting stuff finished and handed in to us this week :)

One feature I’m particularly excited about it is Sim’s “One Ton Weekend”. Basically the idea is to try and build a pump track in a weekend. We’re drumming up a fair amount of interest on the Singletrack Forum and we currently have about a dozen folks eager to come along and get digging.

We’re meeting with our friendly neighbourhood pump trackers (from Singletraction) this Thursday evening to scope out the likely location for our pump track. Hopefully they’ll say it’s a decent enough spot to build something there.

I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday via this ‘ere Blog…