Home Turf


Not Calderdale.

Last week I was in Morzine on the Singletrack Readers’ Week holiday with FlowMTB. And it was fantastic. After a while off the bike due to one thing or another it totally re-ignited my riding. The trails were challenging and fun, the company was good and the food was simply off the scale. It was even sunny for the majority of it!
So, how come the ride I did on Tuesday night in home-town Hebden was one of the best rides I’ve done in ages?
Riding familiar trails holds a certain joy, edging into the first descent not knowing what kind of condition you’ll find it in, an old friend in a new outfit, nettles and slimy rocks in place of mud and Super-Tacky loving grit stone and a new line forged by the recent deluge. Not better, not worse, just different. There were smiles all round at the bottom of the trail as midges bit lumps out of us and we talked about how good the middle section was, how we lost it on the corner and mull over which trail to do next.
The post ride beer, despite not having an Alpine view, was just as sweet, sat in the dark beer garden supping a local brew with good friends and local characters, discussing the ins and outs of, well everything. Beer finished and the best bit about riding local trails emerges. The autopilot ride back home to bed. Bliss.