Robbing Peter, Paying Paul

We all know that getting the work/life balance right is important, but I seem to be having problems with my work/work balance at the moment too. I was meant to be attending the Silverfish/Lapierre/Extra Demo Day at Dalby this weekend, but young James Crazylegs has volunteered for the post leaving me free. Well, free to come into the office and work over the weekend. Yep, it’s deadline time again.

This next issue’s looking good though – lots of good stuff from all the usual characters and some good gadgets to drool over too.

Once the magazine’s off to the printers, I’m off to a Trek 2010 launch in Austria. Unfortunately it means a 6am flight out of Stansted, but once there it should be good to see all the new stuff from Trek, who’ve really got their bikes looking and riding well. Seems to have paid off in sales too, with nearly all of their bikes sold out of the warehouse. This can often be a tricky time of year to get bikes in for test as next year’s bikes aren’t out yet and this year’s bikes are all sold. Somehow we managed to crowbar enough bikes for the bike test though :-)

Once I’m back from Austria, I’m going to be taking an issue off. I’ll be handing the reins of the magazine to Sim and Ben and I’m taking off for six weeks. My plan is to ride my Salsa Fargo across the Pyrenees, from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean over as many Tour de France cols as I can find, then turn around and head back to Biarritz on the Spanish side of the hills. It’ll either kill me with the effort (I’m camping and carrying my own gear), or inspire me and turn me into a rock hard cycling god. I’m hoping it’s the latter. I’ll have a blog going, so tune in for updates –

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