Comment on the comments

Is it me or are the people posting comments on our stories getting increasingly more negative and cynical? 

SRAM launch their 10 speed groupset and within minutes of Dave posting his report from the launch itself the comments are ‘what’s the point?’, ‘it’s all just marketing bollocks.’, ‘It won’t work’. There’s even someone whining about 7 speed being more reliable! I really hope that person is being sarcastic. 

We’ve started running reviews from the mag on a daily basis on the website now. Mainly because we’ve put a fair bit of effort into those reviews and they are surely valuable for longer than the short lifespan of each issue of the mag and so we thought we’d start posting up some selected reviews regularly from our mag to the website reviews section and there-by begin to build a useful online archive of reviews. There’s more web readers than mag readers after all. So far every review that’s appeared has been comprehensively panned.

Some classic comments like ,’Don’t bother with this. I had one and it broke!’.. Brilliant insight! Because of course no ‘good’ product ever breaks. Hmm. never buy a Vauxhall btw! Their tyres are shit! I had a puncture the other day in my Astra.

Come on guys! If you are going to comment, have something to say! So many of you have been riding for years and many of you longer than we have. Post something constructive and how about possibly some positive comments? Reading the latest comments paints a picture of mountain bikers as being miserable cynics who struggle to find any joy in what they do. We all do this for fun. Riding bikes is not going to save the world but it’s going to raise many a smile. How about reflecting that in what you add to this website for a change?