50 Confirmed Weekenders

Entries for the Singletrack Classic Weekender are coming in nice and steadily. We’ve probably taken a few more over the Easter break but we passed the 50 mark for processed entries last week. Woop!

I’m really looking forward to this event (even though I’m not competing as I’ll be marshalling and observing the Classic Trials). I’m especially looking forward to it after finally riding a bike at Lee Quarry. I’ve been there numerous times – I was even at the initial “we might do something with this disused quarry” meeting way back when – but I hadn’t actually been there with a bike until last month.

It’s a great place. Rocky. Smooth. Hucky. Climby. Roam-aroundy. Different. Unusual. Emerging. Distinctive. Fun.

I’m also pleased at how each of the three different race courses are shaping up. They’re all rideable but they also each reward distinct and disparate riding skills. The Classic Trials course requires balance and some trackstandy and vaguely hoppy skills. The Downhill will be harsh on a skinny tyred hardtail and slow-going if you’re not so hot at “railing” berms or negotiating rock gardens. The XC course requires fitness and will reward timely overtaking and other “tactics”.

And having to do all three courses on the same bike is SUCH an ace idea. Do you pick a bike that plays to your strengths so you get your score (and confidence) up? Or do you go for a bike that will hide/flatter your weaknesses?

To find out about how to enter the Singletrack Classic Weekender please click here.