Statistics, swearing and those bloody ads again!

First thing, ignorant people quoting science blox really gets me wound up (it’s not hard to do that really though as many forum users will testify) and as I was reading a blog about some total idiot presenter on a London radio station who spouts utter shite opinions about things like vaccinations, I stumbled across this post about insurance companies and really bad statistics (two things that added together can often send me into an apoplectic rage anyway) relating to cyclists and accidents..

Last night was one of those times when I really wanted someone to ask me, ‘How was your day? What did you do?’. Because the answer would have been, ‘I’ve been editing the swear filter on our website.’

You see we’ve installed a new swear filter plugin on the site that makes it a bit easier for us to moderate the forum. The trouble was that ‘out of the box’ it came with a default list of almost 300 censored words, which it then started to censor forthwith, much to the annoyance of some of our more verbally creative forum regulars :-)

Now, like most of you I reckon I have a pretty broad mind when it comes to language but there were words on this list that were just unfathomable.. Others that were just hilarious. Now I realise the seeming hypocrisy of me quoting some of these words on here but then I’m really only quoting in the context of a third party list ;-) Yes, I know.. go on and moan at me.. Anyway… this one had me almost crying. Sorry if I offend but I challenge any of you not to find ‘twatwaffle’ funny. Go on! Tell me I’m wrong! :-)

Anyway, I’ve reduced the list from around 300 to just a handful now.

The old issue of ads has cropped up again on the forum. I really should just cut and paste the replies I have given in the past as to why the ads are necessary and are simply here to stay and put it in a text file on my desktop where I can just grab it every three weeks when this topic pops up on the forum. Without the ads there is no website! Just that really. It’s an economic fact. Paper prices have risen 11% this year, that increase is not being passed on to readers of the mag and so advertising is the only mechanism we have to recoup those costs really. So they are here to stay I’m afraid. It’s the price you pay for er.. not paying  to view the website.