Without rhyme nor reason

I am really into mountain biking again.

And when I say “really” it should say “REALLY”. Times 10.

Tuesday night rides, thursday night rides, Saturday techno rides, Sunday social rides. All of it please.

I think my mind/body/spirit has finally given up waiting for good weather to arrive and just wants to get on with it.

We went for a techy ride on Saturday and the trail conditions were mulchy, sketchy, unpredicatable. Previously this may have felt limiting or frustrating. But this time everyone was fine with it all. Very happy in fact. There were lots of stumbles and bails (thankfully no proper crashes).

I suppose it has got to the point where I don’t expect to encounter decent trail conditions when you head out. I don’t expect to ride very well or “progress” my skills or anything.

In one way you could say “a pessimist is never disappointed” but that sounds a bit sour and misanthropic. And the rides so far in 2009 have been very joyous.

I’m not letting the soggy conditions that are getting in the way of my bike-handling get in the way of my fun.

Only two more hours to go until tonight’s ride.

Bring it on!