A long way for a pub lunch

I must admit that, this weekend, I was quite looking forward to putting my feet up, reading a book and having a glass of wine. However, Emily had other ideas. On Saturday we rode for three hours or so over the Ridgeway, down Oxfordshire way. It was particularly hard frozen there – more so than Oxford or Abingdon ten miles away, so we had an afternoon of cold ears and rock hard byways. It’s great to get back from a ride to see that your bike only has a coating of dust on it.

Sunday’s ride was a road jaunt to a great pub for lunch. Unfortunately the pub was 27 miles away… So a good couple of hours’ riding for a great lunch. The only trouble then is the long ride home, full of pie and pudding… Never mind, I’m sure that there was some slight gain in doing it over just staying in and eating a smaller lunch. Now did we ride to justify the lunch? Or did we go for lunch to justify the ride?