XTR brake

Shimano XTR Race brakes

XTR brakes - we take a look at the cream of Shimano's crop…

Jul 31st 0 98

Fresh Goods Friday 253

Fresh goods friday! Packed WITH WIN…

Jul 31st 5 1,952
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.10.05

Mont Sainte Anne UCI DH - Video

Some DH video nuggets to let you know what to expect at this weekend's Canadian WC DH…

Jul 31st 0 790
IRIDE Show10

The I-Ride Show Report

Northwave, Speedplay, GreenOil, Deuter and more, plus random Wiggo sightings at the Velodrome …

Jul 30th 0 2,858
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.45.08

The Trail Doctor buys a used bike

What to look for if you don't want a pup…

Jul 30th 0 6,411

Singletrack 100 Special Issue

The 100th issue of Singletrack mag will have a very special cover and you can help shape it.…

Jul 29th 23 2,863
A geniune product or just really good photoshop?

Mini TrackerPad on Kickstarter attracts controversy

Could this one solution to bike theft? Or is there something shifty afoot?…

Jul 29th 10 14,400

The making of Brandon's One Shot segment

How DID they do it?…

Jul 29th 2 4,336
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Forth Fat 2015 Report

More Sea Potter than Sea Otter Classic (or how CJ took a trip to the Fat side)…

Jul 30th 2 446

Tuesday Treats 142: Premier Prize

Here it is: your passport to premier prize goodness…

Jul 28th 2 921
Photo by Sim

Throwback Thursday: Steve Worland Talks About Fun

In issue 76, Steve Worland took us back to his days of competitiveness and enjoyment. The question is - why do we ride our bikes?…

Jul 23rd 2 1,679
There's a lot more to taking pictures than just, well, taking pictures

Throwback Thursday: What Goes On Behind The Lens

Mike Ferrentino gives us an insight into what makes the perfect image…

Jul 16th 1 1,739

Tuesday Treats 141: Premier Prize

Here it is: your passport to premier prize goodness…

Jul 14th 0 2,379

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XTR brake

Shimano XTR Race brakes

XTR brakes - we take a look at the cream of Shimano's crop…

Jul 31st 0

SRAM Guide RS Brakeset.

The new SRAM Guide brakes were released earlier this year. That they were badged as a SRAM brake and not Avid was an unexpected move but at the same t…

Jul 28th 4

Leatt Knee Guard 3DF Airflex knee pads.

Leatt’s new all-day knee pad is made from Armorgel, which is a non-Newtonian, shear-thickening gel.…

Jul 27th 0

Gore Bike Wear Element Windstopper Soft Shell Lady jacket.

Unseasonal weather calls for unseasonal kit – ultra-warm softshell from Gore Bike Wear might be coming out early this year…

Jul 27th 0

Shimano XT brakes.

What makes stoppers from the big S so good? Jenn explains…

Jul 26th 3
Cheating is bad, kids!

The Bikemonger: “What would Lance do?”

Cheating is bad, kids. Unless you've got a reason to do it – then it's OK…

Jun 29th 4

Adele Mitchell: “The trouble with women’s mountain bikes.”

Why women’s mountain bikes are in danger of finding themselves mired in a muddy puddle of mixed messages. …

Jun 24th 4

Bez: “Karr’s Choice”

Bez highlights more cases of driver errors that cause death failing to be dealt with by the courts.…

Jun 18th 5
Lake jumping

Pickled Hedgehog: “Don’t Look Down.”

"It's the scariest thing I've seen since I inadvertently opened my 14 year old daughter’s wardrobe." Gap jumps are just tabletops with the middle du…

Jun 13th 9

Greg: It’s not easy being green

The bike industry won't let Greg go green with his worn out parts…

Jun 12th 21

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