Best Bike Shop: Singletrack Reader Awards 2017

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Possibly the most important of the awards – and certainly one that attracts a good ‘pick me!’ campaign each year. With times changing, what qualifies as a bike shop can be a controversial topic, never mind what makes a good one too. Here we bring you three nominees from across the spectrum of bike shop styles:

Cyclewise, Whinlatter, Cumbria

Cyclewise – putting in the effort.

Some would argue that it’s easy being a bike shop at a trail centre: you’ve got a captive audience, and if you get to the car park without your pedals, the sale is made – no matter the service quality or price. Cyclewise hasn’t sat on its laurels however, and earned nominations from locals – who aren’t part of that captive market. Our own Chipps has been there and seen them downselling a bike – suggesting a customer didn’t need to spend all that money, when something else was more suitable for their needs. When you’re focussed on getting the right product to the customer and not just selling what you can, you’re going to make people happy. Judging by your nominations, Cyclewise is delivering.

Garage Bikes, Morley, Leeds

The Garage Bikes Crew.

What was once a traditional, small, local bike shop is evolving. They don’t sell bikes any more, but they do have a workshop – staffed mostly by women. They have hugely successful shop rides, attracting dozens of riders to play out in the muddy terrain that is Morley on the outskirts of Leeds. If you’re attracting riders in those numbers despite the conditions, you’ve got to be doing something right. Their bright orange team jerseys are to be seen at many event, with staff often riding to raise money for charity. It’s a traditional bike shop that’s evolving into a much loved community hub.

Wheelbase, Staveley, Cumbria

Wheelbase event – Image by James Vincent

If you want a new bike and you want to see it before you buy it, then not many (if any) places can offer the range of bikes and brands on show at Wheelbase. It’s a whopper of a shop, and a destination in its own right – never mind the Lakeland riding on the doorstep. But piling them high doesn’t stop them having a personal touch, and the staff are keen riders who have done a variety of fund raising challenges as well as arranged events and demo days. In addition to the shop, there are free showers and a bike wash should you choose to ride from the store. A humungous bike shop (and other shops, and web store) to rival any chain store or brand outlet.

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