Sneak Peek: Stanton Full Suspension Bike

July 1, 2017

Steel? Check.

Full suspension? Check.

Stanton Bikes? Check.

If you’re not excited now, you should probably go elsewhere, Carp Breeders Monthly or something. Because this should surely be getting your ‘ooh, look at that’ whiskers twitching.

This is the latest generation prototype, revealed on Stanton’s Facebook page.

Followers of Stanton may have spotted this image previously. In fact, we published a story a while ago on an earlier prototype of Stanton’s new full suspension frame, though that was but a drawing at the time. Now we’ve got evidence of a proper full-blown rideable prototype.

And boy does it look good!

This render was previously posted on Stanton’s Facebook page.

It looks like things are moving along, since these pictures of the frames built in real and actual metal have now appeared- and in two colours too.

The look linkage on the new prototype frame appears to be a dual-link setup, with a solid one-piece swing arm.

Will real world ride testing be happening soon? We look forward to hearing what Dan Stanton has to say about the ride – not least because he might just be the most interesting guy in frame building.

Ohhhh yes!

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