Raleigh Reissues The Burner

July 11, 2017

You’ll have to register your interest in advance, and there’s only going to be 350 made, but even the £500 price tag is unlikely to put off those now grown-up riders who were influenced, inspired or simply awestruck by this legendary bike when it came out – the Raleigh Team Aero Pro Burner…

This will mean everything to a small number of kids of the eighties, and nothing to anyone else. But who cares? Click to enlarge.

Raleigh, will celebrate the 35th anniversary of its famous Team Aero Pro Burner bike, by remaking and releasing a limited number of the models this month. The company will release 350 replicas of the bike and anyone wanting a piece of retro Raleigh, can register their interest for an exclusive sale.

The iconic Raleigh Burner was originally released in 1982 and went on to win the world title at the 1985 BMX World Championships in Canada, ridden at the time by GB’s Craig Scholfield.

Raleigh has carefully built the new bike, to match the exact specifications that made it so popular for professionals and the public in the 1980s. The spec includes a Tange tubed frame and fork, White SKYWAY Tuff2 wheels and Dia-compe MX-1000 brakes. Cam grips and other parts of the bike have also been replicated to match the iconic Pro Burner.

To mark the 35th anniversary, Raleigh have also included a matching three piece pad set which did not feature on the original model.

Raleigh says “The Team Aero Pro Burner has a special place in the heart of so many BMX fans all around the world. It is one of the most iconic and successful bikes Raleigh has ever made, winning several titles throughout its original lifespan as well as the world title. We are so excited to release such an iconic piece of our history on its 35th anniversary and we don’t expect the 350 remakes to be around for long”

The bikes will go on sale on Weds 19th July at 9am and will initially only be available to those who have pre-registered on the Raleigh website. Pro Burner fans can register their interest at https://www.raleigh.co.uk/burner/registration/ Pre-registration closes on 17th July.

For more information on this limited edition release, visit: https://www.raleigh.co.uk/team-aero-pro-burner


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