Video: Deathgrip, Best Track Ever

July 25, 2017

Instead of the usual making coffee/getting dressed/timelapse/weather/landscapes preamble people put on videos, this one begins with a full minute and forty seconds of swearing, because it features Josh Bryceland. There’s also smatterings of the f-word throughout, so if you’re delicate of ear yourself, or trying to protect your little ones from the deviant syllables of this vast uncaring universe, do bear that in mind.

Beyond that, it goes into a montage of fast, exhuberant and loose riding down an amazing looking track in Schladming, Austria, with Brendan Fairclough and Ratboy absolutely ragging down the mountain, hollering for joy all the way.

(No video? Try here).

Deathgrip - best track

Deathgrip - best track
Whip bros <3

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