Nordest: Coming To Kickstarter (Via Google Translate)

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Last week we brought you news of this bike that we had spotted out there on the world wide web.

nordest bardino steel hardtail plus 29in 27.5
Nordest Bardino

Now, via the wonder of modern technology that is email, we’ve received a press release from Nordest Cycles, giving us more information. Well, sort of. We suspect that it has had at least one encounter with Google Translate, or maybe (for those old enough to remember) Babelfish. Here it is:

With the launch of the Kickstarter campaign and the entry into production of our model Nordest Bardino 2018 we will contact you to define what will be the next months in Nordest Cycles.
Nordest Cycles launches this campaign as the start of the production phase of our Bardino model, which reaches a turning point, starting a new stage. The previous months in which the different tests have been carried out have finished defining the details that will make the definitive model even more interesting. These aesthetic brushstrokes are the result of the continuous improvement in which Nordest Cycles is involved in each model produced.

nordest bardino steel hardtail plus 29in 27.5
Looks Scandinavian, but is not.

The start of the Kickstarter campaign coincides with the start of the production phase to confirm the willingness and ability of Nordest Cycles to carry out this project, regardless of the outcome of that campaign. Despite not being at the moment a platform very considered in Spain, we understand that Kickstarter allows us to give much more confidence to our customers in their commitment to the Bardino model since it guarantees the reimbursement of the amounts contributed in the case of not receiving the Items whose amounts have been advanced by the person concerned. It is, after all, a means to guarantee the tranquility and good result of the purchases, some of which will not reach their destination until next September. In our case, the risk is zero as production is already guaranteed and in progress but we understand that for many customers it is difficult to pay an amount for a product that is not yet ready to be shipped instantly.

From now on we begin the most intense phase of this project. With the launch of the Kickstarter campaign we kick off the definitive moment for Nordest Cycles: the Nordest Bardino will be in the hands of the final customers.

Kickstarter, Nordest is on you with great joy.
Kickstarter, Nordest is on you with great joy.

The campaign will last only a month and will be intense as it will finish just to receive the first definitive models, the components that will be installed on the bicycles, make the press presentation of the model assembled with 2018 components, begin the assembly and the first customers will receive the products in the month of September. In this campaign we apply a promotional discount policy for the first customers that will last the promotion period of Kickstarter: 30 days.

We continue with the same illusion that at the beginning but with more desire if it is possible to obtain the best results thanks to the supports received until now, and with this we refer to the good work of testers and the interest shown by the medias that have been Interested in a fresh product, with the user in mind from the first moment and away from mass production lines.

Phew. Well, your guess is probably as good as ours, but we think this means that if you want a Nordest Bardino you can head over to Kickstarter and get a piece of the action. Sure enough, we’ve hunted around and they are there on Kickstarter. If you want to wish them well with all their final brushstrokes and into this intense phase, head on over.

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