Bike Check: Chipps’ Performance Pub Bike

May 8, 2017

To read the full story on Chipps’ frame building experience, check out the feature in Issue 111.

I’ve known people build up an entire bike based on a particular blue seat collar. My Performance Pub Bike was a little like that. Like all good projects, I diligently thought about the intended use and then made the bike fit those criteria. The bike needed to be simple, as maintenance-free as possible, fun to ride and look at. Its typical mission would be to leave my house, ride down the bumpy, muddy lane I live on, down the main road to the Golden Lion (or further afield, perhaps down the canal to the Old Gate in Hebden Bridge), where I should be able to lock it up without too much fear of theft.

Full of boozy potential

Frame – an assortment of steel tubes.

As you’ll have seen in issue 111, I built the bike on a week (and a bit) long framebuilding course at Downland Cycles in Kent. I’d arrived only with the vague plan of building a pub/town bike as that was a bike that I could see myself actually using and where the custom-built nature of a framebuilding course would be handy in crafting it to my needs. I’d not really thought about the spec much other than I was interested in having hub gears and brakes for easy of (lack of) maintenance.

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