WTF: Extreme Bike Maintenance With Angle Grinders and Lathes

March 27, 2017

Last year, after years of race mechanics doing it, Schwalbe released a purpose made tyre cutter to the masses. Perhaps though, that’s not enough. Are you fed up of trimming tyre knobs manually? Why not try an angle grinder? Here’s a demo:

(No video showing? Try this link).

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for Schwalbe branded angle grinders at the Sea Otter next month, and you’ll be the first to know.

Here’s a mountain bike disc brake versus a large metal lathe:

(No video embeds? If so here’s the link).

Seems like an unfair test, so we’d like to see this repeated with:
Aluminium rotor bolts.
– Sintered pads. We reckon soft pads are definitely why this brake failed.
– Someone squirting water onto it from their pack.

Disc brake on lathe
Not a recommended method for truing your rotors!
Extreme Bike Maintenance
From the appropriately named Wildman Tech.

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