Video: UK Trail Heaven With Sixth Element

January 17, 2017

There’s a bouncy guitar riff in the background, but here endeth the usual sick edit cliches. This is obtainable rad. Riding that looks like we think we look when we ride with our mates. A video that is what we thought we could produce when we asked for a drone for Christmas (before we lost it in the woods).

Doubletrack, singletrack, mud, grass, pedalling, descending, ferns, forest, sheep, sunset. This is real riding and we want to go out there and do it now.

Kudos to Sixth Element for producing this and resisting the call of the backflip/wheelie/triple gnar.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

The riders are Lee Hawden and Mathew Woodall, two of Sixth Element’s five supported riders, riding Sixth Element’s 27.5 Enduro wheels. Their bikes are Ti Kingdom Hex. The video was made by Eastwood Media in North Wales, including on Moel Famau in the Clwydian Range. We’ll be getting our OS Maps out and trying to plot a trip over there soon – it looks wonderful.

Sixth Element hand build their carbon wheels in the UK in a choice of sizes, widths and hubs. The standard green decals (which are not stickers, they’re etched in) are carefully chosen not to clash with other colours, but if you want to go bespoke and match your decals to your grips, your frame, or your fingernails, then you can do so, as they offer a custom colour service. For more information on all their products and riders, check out their website.

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