Singletrack Advent Prize Giveaway Week 2

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Welcome to week two of our advent giveaway competition. Here is what we have lined up for you for the next 5 days.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it so make sure you are a registered website user – your unique site username will be your entry ticket.

Monday: Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet

Safety is important when descending chimneys.

The latest full face helmet with removeable chin guard from Bell, the Super 3R has the new Float Fit system. Bell has improved fit and comfort by revising the shape both inside and out. Other trail-specific features include the GoggleGuide Adjustable Visor, a breakaway camera mount and Overbrow Ventilation. For all you trail and enduro needs.

Tuesday: Klean Kanteen Flasks

All the drinks. Mine!

What does Santa put in his flask? A sensible drink of water perhaps, in this sports bottle – for sips between sherry stops. And a nice hot cocoa in the insulated canteen to warm him up when flying through the cold upper atmosphere? Or maybe just an awful lot of espresso to keep him awake? Whatever your liquid transportation needs, these robust flasks by Klean Kanteen will keep your liquids contained until you want them. BPA free and designed to not retain any taste – so you can swap from coffee to cocoa without that stale mocha effect.

Wednesday: Continental Der Baron & Der Kaiser Projekt Tyres

Enduro boots. Better than wellies.

Available to buy in 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ options, we have a set of tyres here for you in 27.5″ size. Get your shred on, hurtle down the hill, and enjoy the grip. These have ProTection Apex sidewalls for stronger protection so you can focus on your race, or just having fun.

Thursday: Meteor Auto Pro & Arcturus Auto Pro Light Set

It’s not a meteor storm, it’s Santa!

This commuter light set offers 700 lumens up front and 100 lumens at the rear. The front light features a safety setting so that once battery life reaches a certain point the light will switch to the brightest setting which will leave you an hour of run time to get home – so no sudden blackouts. You can use the integrated light sensor on both the front and rear lights so that the lights will switch on and off automatically in relation to the surrounding light conditions. The rear light offers up to 14 hours of light – long enough for the longest and darkest of winter commutes. And look out for the pictured Meteor Storm light appearing in another day’s giveaway soon!

Friday: Jimmy’s Ice Coffee Gingerbread x 12

  • Price: £1.99 per carton
  • From: Madison
If you can’t keep it hot on your sleigh you may as well have it iced

These aren’t just any old cartons of easy drinking iced cofee – no, these are special, seasonal ginger spiced iced coffees. Maybe not bottle cage sized but certainly pocket sized and guaranteed to taste better than your stale bladder water. This is a bundle of 12 that should keep you jackd up on caffeine for most of January’s rides.

How to win stuff

A great week of products we think you’ll agree. Want to find out more? Want to win? Here’s what we’re doing…

Each week day at around lunchtime, we’ll be coming to you via Facebook Live where we’ll have a close look at that day’s prize to tell you a bit more about it, and reveal the question you’ll need to answer in order to enter the competition. Don’t worry, it will be a nice easy question. Want to be notified when we’re live so you can enter the draw straight away? Then get onto our Facebook Page ASAP!

Too busy at work to tune in for Facebook Live? Don’t worry, each day we’ll be embedding the video into a story, along with all the competition details, on our website so that you have chance to enter the competition until 9am UK time the following day.

The competition will be free to enter, but you do need a Username to do so, which is good, because not only is it free to register, it’s so simple a heavily intoxicated Santa impersonator could do it. So take 15 seconds to get yourself signed up and registered. Every day we’ll give you the chance to win the product we feature that day. Better yet, we’ll also put your name into the prize draw for the Great Big Box Of Year Round Love – which will contain one of everything that we give away in the whole lead up to Christmas. That’s going to be one huge box!

The Mega Sack

As a bonus prize, whoever wins the Great Big Box Of Year Round Love will be invited to join us here to our office for a day of coffee, riding, coffee, tea, fish and chips, and maybe even a cheeky beer, as well as collecting your winnings. Because the Great Big Box Of Year Round Love is going to be such a monster, entries will only be available to those with a UK delivery address, or to anyone who is prepared to come along to Singletrack Towers and visit us for the day and collect it.

Don’t forget to check in every week day to enter the daily draw, and remember, every time you enter you’re increasing your chances of winning the Great Big Box Of Year Round Love – enter every draw and you’ll have 20 chances of winning the big box. Whoop!

Excited much? We are!

Full terms and condition can be found here

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