Guy Martin Forced To Retire From Bonkers Round UK Record Attempt

December 16, 2016

“Well, it’s not gone quite to plan.” that’s how Guy Martin announced on his website that his ambitious plan to cycle round the coastline of the UK (well, England, Scotland and Wales) had stopped less than 20% into the journey.

In a video released on December 6th, Guy stood in a cold pub car park and told his fans that he was going to attempt to ride around the circumference of England, Scotland and Wales in an attempt to beat the record that has stood since 1984. Quite why he’d chosen the middle of December to do it was a puzzle to many, but Guy – who still considers himself a truck fitter rather than a TV presenter – reckoned that it was the only time he could get off work from his ‘proper job’ of being a Scania truck fitter in Grimsby.

According to Guy, who was followed by a TV crew for the attempt “I kept good miles up and got to John O’Groats from Grimsby in 4 days and 8 hours, about 800 miles” but then a nagging achilles injury and the sensible thought of not spannering himself for the rest of next year caused common sense to prevail and he called it quits – not something that he was probably happy with, but given that the last 12 months have included riding from Grimsby to the Strathpuffer near Inverness in northern Scotland and then racing solo for 24 hours and of course racing the 2700 mile Tour Divide event this summer, we’re happy to let him off this time. Especially as he appeared to have returned from a ten day motorbike racing trip to New Zealand, gone to work fixing trucks for the week and then started his bonkers attempt almost on a whim on a cold December night. We’re assuming it was a little more rehearsed than that as TV crews don’t tend to turn out without a little notice, but nevertheless, we can hear people shouting at the screen ‘Why not wait until June!’

Jason Miles and Guy chatting about Tour Divide plans late last year

Should you wish to have a go at the record and steal Guy’s thunder, it’s 4802 miles and the record is a little under 22 days. What are you waiting for.


Read more on Guy’s website here:

Nothing a cup of tea can’t fix, eh Guy?

We’re sure it’s not the last we’ll hear of from Guy, who is a regular sight at bike events around the UK and further afield – usually the harder the better – but for now we hope he’s got his feet up at home, ready to tuck into the Quality Street…

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