A Singlespeeder’s Guide To Bikepacking

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Looking for some riding inspiration for the start of your working week? We’ve just received this beauty of a video from Kona Bikes, and it’s got us pumped on planning our own off-road bikepacking adventure. Well, maybe somewhere outside of a UK winter.

The video features one of Kona’s grassroots riders in Finland, Erkki Punttila. As part of the video, Errki gives us an insight into his bikepacking adventure, along with a few tips on how best to get started so you can plan your own.

kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees
What good ride doesn’t start with a boat? Photo: Teemu Lautamies.

Words by Erkki Punttila. Photos by Teemu Lautamies.


I really love exploring new places with my bike, but I also constantly hear the call of the sea – why not combine the best of both worlds? First enjoy a nice evening cruise and then hit the trails with your lights on and find a peaceful spot to camp. My boat is an old fishing boat and has a 5.4 litre truck engine from 1972 that has proven to be quite “reliable”. They are somewhat simple machines after you get to know the basics of maintenance and repair. Just like bikes. Remember your first wheel build? Slightly scary at first, but very rewarding at the end.

kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees
A Finnish man with a beard and a boat. Photo: Teemu Lautamies.


On longer bikepacking trips it would be ideal to find a camp site before the sun goes down. It just makes things easier. But sometimes it’s fun to ride in a pitch black forest with your lights blazing. Your focus shifts from the scenery to the trail and its obstacles. And what better way is there to scare yourself shitless than startling a sleeping moose just a few meters from you?

kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees
Love camping and mountain biking? Then why not have both? Photo: Teemu Lautamies.

A few tips for night riding:

  1. Set up your lights before it gets dark. Then you can just turn them on and keep going.
  2. Know your gear. How long does the battery run on low/medium/full power?
  3. Conserve power. On roads you can use the low setting on your lights and then turn it up when the trail gets nasty.
  4. Always have a backup light source so you can continue if one fails. Probably the best option is to have a hub dynamo powered light for riding and recharging your GPS/phone/headlamp during the day. And a good quality waterproof headlamp for camp activities.
  5. Know where your gear is. Try to memorize all of your stuff when packing and always pack things in the same place. You can then find spare batteries or your multitool even with your eyes closed.
  6. Pack wisely. Having your shelter in one place with easy access is nice. I keep my tent as the first thing in the handlebar bag along with a dry base layer. Dry clothes, shelter, food, sleep.
kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees

Nightpacking. Photo: Teemu Lautamies.


If you are planning to get big miles in for the day your only choice is to get up early and get going. There is no way around that. But sometimes it is utter bliss not to have a plan at all. Sleep as long as you feel like. Enjoy breakfast and coffee. Get going when you feel like it and do it for as long as it’s good. Have a break, take a nap. Eat warm food, look at birds – whatever makes you happy.

kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees
Flowy forest trails. Looks terrible right? Photo: Teemu Lautamies.

Steps to a quick getaway:

Set up everything for a quick start before going to sleep. I fill my Jetboil with the right amount of water for porridge and coffee and keep it on standby in the tent’s vestibule. Have all the food you plan to eat ready (but don’t do this in bear country!). Then, this:

  1. Make sure your alarm goes off loud as f@ck in the far end of the tent so you’re forced to get up to turn it off
  2. Open the valve of your air mattress
  3. Get up and light up Jetboil
  4. Shut off the alarm
  5. Put on riding clothes
  6. Stuff sleeping bag
  7. By now the water is boiling. Pour it into your favourite titanium cup and add porridge flakes. Eat and scrape the sides with your spork. Pour more hot water and add instant coffee.
  8. Since the coffee is likely too hot, pack your stuff and roll up your sleeping mattress while it cools.
  9. Enjoy your coffee. It also cleans your mug from the porridge. Kind of.
  10. Stuff your gear into your seat and frame bag, then take down the tent and pack it along with your dry base layer.
  11. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.
kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees
Is a singlespeed rigid mountain bike the ideal bikepacking tool? Photo: Teemu Lautamies.

Tips for big days:

  1. Eat light and fast in the morning. Ride for about 1-2 hours, take a dump and have a second breakfast 🙂
  2. Have food ready on your stem bags to eat on the go.
  3. Eat something once per hour even you don’t feel hungry. You don’t really need a big lunch break, just keep on going and remember to eat.
  4. Hydration is key. I always have one bottle with electrolytes and one with plain water. On longer legs I fill them from my bladder or other source and try to keep the balance.
  5. Your favourite candy and something salty like beef jerky is good motivational food.
  6. If you eat at a restaurant or gas station during the day, don’t eat in. Order 3 hamburgers and a coke, eat one standing and continue with the two burgers in your jersey pockets. The satisfaction of eating a cheeseburger while coasting along a gravel road at 25km/h is heaven.
kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees
Errki gives us his tips on bikepacking. We like the ones about food. Photo: Teemu Lautamies.


Every trip comes to an end unfortunately. If you have a specific goal that you want to reach, why not celebrate a bit when you reach it? A mountain top, a tough hike-a-bike, a big climb, a 200km day, whatever – reward yourself and maybe take a picture of it. Later on you won’t remember all the details of the suffering, but you will feel the sense of accomplishment and have a great story to tell. Just go out there and do it your way.

kona unit singlespeed bikepacking finland camping adventure trees
That’s the money shot right there! Photo: Teemu Lautamies.

If you’ve gotten all pumped up from reading that, then just wait ’til you watch this video! Featuring Errki’s overnight boat/bike/camping adventure, this is a terrific edit from Kona Bikes that makes for a refreshing change from the usual headbanging-super-rad-sick videos of the moment.


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