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November 26, 2016

Subscribing to Singletrack is much more than just a way to receive a copy of Singletrack magazine eight times a year saving a chunk of cash off the cover price – it’s a way to help us keep the lights on here at Singletrack HQ as well as making sure our loyal staff keep their lights on too.

Singletrack is a small independent company (the actual company is Gofar Enterprises ltd, but that looks rubbish on the cover of a magazine) and the three shareholders come to work every day to make sure that one issue of the mag follows the other. No money leaves us to line the pockets of investors. We are an entirely self sufficient business run for the benefit of the staff, our trade partners and you the readers. Without all three groups together it doesn’t work. It’s worked very well for 15 years but things are changing and it’s about to get harder for us.

Print Costs On The Rise

We’ve recently been informed that the cost of print is about to take quite a horrendous hike upwards in the new year. Most of the UK’s paper stock is sourced from the continent and after the severe collapse of the pound a few months ago that paper stock has just become much more expensive. In January it’s going to hit us hard and our overheads are about to go up to a worrying level.

The cost of producing Singletrack in print is going up and in a classic case of ‘it never rains but pours’ this is coinciding with a distinct and possibly permanent drop in traditional print advertising revenues. The upshot is that we have no choice but to put up the prices of our subscriptions.

issue 110, cover, bc, hornby island, justa jeskovia
Issue 110 will come with our famous free calendar

Now, none of this is much of a surprise to be honest and while we’ve been expecting it for sometime we’ve also been working on changing the way we earn enough money to keep the website and the magazine running to budget. The problem is it takes time to bring new revenue streams online and in the meantime we really could use your help to make the transition.

You may have noticed that we have launched the new Partner section of the website. This is one of the new ways we are helping to promote the bike industry and in return the participating partners pay for their ‘lodgings’ in there. Of course it only really works if it actually works, so we would really appreciate it if you’d take a look in there and check out the pages of our partners. We vet them all so you won’t see any companies in there that we don’t think are worthy of your attention.

Sponsored Posts

You may also have noticed that some of the stories on our front page are a different colour. These are sponsored stories where there is a commercial link with the company featured. They are still written by us and we only publish sponsored stories if they are genuinely interesting. We promise we will be very fussy when it comes to this type of marketing, which is coming as brands transition away from the traditional display style marketing. These types of posts won’t replace our own editorial, they will just add to it.

A Necessary Evil

We know that you are generally not fans of the display ads that populate our website and we are looking at ways to make their presence less intrusive as you browse the website. As more brands try the sponsored content approach this will give us the financial breathing room we need to look at reducing the amount of banner advertising you see here. In the meantime we really would appreciate it if you would whitelist our site if you have an adblocker installed. I return we promise that when awful ads crop up, as they sometimes do, we will do our best to track them down and switch them off. Please report any ad problems directly to us via Screen grabs always useful.

Subscribing Works Best

But even better than that would be if you could consider joining the ranks of our existing 7000 subscribers. It sounds like we have a lot of subscribers but we really could use more and for those that haven’t tried it yet there’s a lot more behind the door than just a magazine through the letterbox eight times a year. Issue 110 is off to the printer tomorrow and will be sent out to subscribers in two weeks. It comes with a free 2017 calendar.

sub in a box, gift sub, singletrack sub
Subscribing is the best way to support us

Subscribers get…

  • 8 issues of Singletrack magazine posted to you. 116 pages of content, 16 pages more then the newsagents copies.
  • All 8 issues available via our gorgeous Pocketmags mobile app complete with digital extras like video and extra images.
  • The option to turn off the website advertising for a cleaner, faster website.
  • Access to our magazine archive that spans our entire 15 years of publishing history.
  • eBook versions of each issue.
  • Access to exclusive deals and discounts at over 70 UK bike shops and other businesses.
  • Access to exclusive website content like our Tuesday Treats competitions.
  • Even a little letter ‘P’ next to your name in the forum.

Now the good news. It’s going to take us some time to change the prices on our subscriptions and we are not rushing to do that for the next few weeks. That means if you subscribe now you will avoid the price increase that is on the way.

super sub in a box, gift subs, singletrack bobble hat, wonky woolies
The bobble hat is also available and subscribers get it cheaper

We have a host of new features that we are planning to launch very soon, including a long awaited mobile friendly version of this website as well as new deals and offers for our subscribers. It’s always been our aim to put our subscribers first and we will continue to work to that principal in the future. But right now we really could use a swelling of those ranks. So please consider a subscription if you don’t already have one. If you are a subscriber then please have a look at our merchandise options in our shop. We have copies of MTB The Untold British Story on DVD and our amazingly snug bobble hats are back in stock too. Please have a look at our gift subs options too, they really are a great gift.

Oh, and please follow us on Facebook and twitter. That helps us more than you may realise. If you like what we post there then please share it and if you are interested to know how that helps us financially then do as Mark on the forum. He loves this stuff.

Subscription Options

Subscriptions start from just £1.49/month although if we are honest we’d prefer you to choose the better value annual options.

If you are looking to subscribe for yourself then all our subs options are available here.

If you are looking to give a subscription as a gift then click here.

If you are looking for other gifts and merchandise then you can see what we have to offer here.


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