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The viewing window is also the injection port

Inline cable oilers made an appearance in the 1990s in the form of Middleburn’s diminutive units – double-ended ferrules that sat between cable outers that allowed you to squirt GT85 or WD40 into them via removable O-rings. They were pretty popular at the time, but seem to have gone away since then.

Well, the concept is back and this time the lube is different and the idea has been expanded to include a lube reservoir. CableLubie – is a new UK company that has developed a ‘Patent Pending’ cable oiling system. The idea is that there’s a small, anodised aluminium ferrule that has a clear hose, or skin, over the top of this. This gives a reservoir that oil can sit in – with a very clear visual idea of how much lube is remaining.

To fill up the reservoir, you get a syringe and pierce the self-sealing skin, injecting enough oil to fill the reservoir. This means that the cable will get re-lubed every time you shift gear – and the clear reservoir shows when it needs topping up.

Every £7 or so kit includes ferrules, seals and a CableLubie in a range of delicious colours (and black). There are multi packs available too.

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