Video: The 2016 Red Bull Foxhunt

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Gee Atherton is one of the fastest downhill mountain bikers on the planet. Ever wonder what it must feel like riding down a mountain while Gee is charging his way down behind you?

Well that’s exactly what 400 riders experienced over the weekend at the Red Bull Foxhunt, as they tried to hold their start line advantage while Gee Atherton chased them down on the trail. Check out the press release below from Red Bull and all the action in this adrenaline-fuelled video edit!

gee atherton trek slash 29er foxhunt wales downhill gopro
“CHARGE!!” Photo: Red Bull.

“Gee Atherton arrived at the start line of Foxhunt 2016 with a look of steely determination in his eyes. With a finish position of 32nd last year, the former World Champion had clearly decided that he would settle for nothing less than a place on the podium this year. As the 400 hounds made their way down the hillside, Gee was quick to catch upand certainly did not hold back when it came to passing his fellow competitors.Elbows were out and Gee used every trick in the book to weasel his way around the pack.

And it looks like his strategy worked. While eventual winner Colin Ross proved just too quick to catch, Gee managed to outfox the rest of the pack, taking second place overall. Check out the video below to see the carnage that ensued as our 400 hounds tried to beat our fox down the mountain – there’s no shortage of thrills and spills.” – Red Bull

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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