Update: SussMyBike Suspension Project

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About this time last year, we brought you the news of a very clever suspension development from SussMyBike. Designed as a strap-on unit for measuring the suspension action on your bike, the SussMyBike system has been developed by a team based in Scotland. The idea is to measure how much travel you’re using, and how you’re using that travel. Then with a nifty smartphone based app, you can assess that suspension performance, with recommendations on how to adjust your air pressure, rebound and compression damping to get better performance. Pretty damn cool, and not dissimilar to the ShockWiz product that we also reported on.

In the original article, we mentioned that SussMyBike had launched on Kickstarter (last year), and the good news is the team’s funding target was met, and they’ve entered into production. The bad news however, is that they’ve hit some snags in production that are causing delays. We just got word of what’s going on, so check out the press release below directly from SussMyBike;

suspension data acquisition suss my ride
SussMyBike is a strap-on device for measuring your suspension performance.

“Hi SussMyBike supporters, fans and followers,

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. We have been flat out trying to finish off the product and manage our production line. The unit has been undergoing testing on and off of the bike but we still have some way to go.

Our manufacturer has all the components ready to build up the initial electronic boards, but we have encountered a mechanical issue with the wheel and axle assembly. Whilst we wait for the new component – formed as one piece instead of two – we are continuing to test and develop the electronics. This change will provide a far more precise mechanism removing previous issues with tolerances.

This process will unfortunately take us into the end of November – not what anyone wants to hear. There is still the finalisation of the user interface and algorithms to take place. We are trying to figure out which are the most important features to provide on the first version of the firmware. As many will have seen we have sent out surveys to ask users why they bought the device, and details on their fork/shock and phone type, etc. From this we are making sure we provide those features on the the app and in the analysis that our customers want. We are aiming to get a small first batch out to customers before Christmas for some early feedback on the units.

suspension data acquisition suss my ride
A look at the SussMyBike smartphone app.

At this point we have to say that we are frustrated at how long this it taking us and understand that our backers will be frustrated too. We are a small team and the company is bootstrapped so does not have enormous resources to fast track the development. However, with the help of backers like you and the brilliant feedback people have been providing we can and will get the product to customers. In the background we are now actively seeking additional investment to ensure we can continue to innovate and improve the product going forward.

Thank you to everybody who has backed us and please bear with us.


Alan and team!”

So there you have it. An inside look into what’s going on behind the scenes with SussMyBike, and some of the challenges facing a small, but dedicated company. Here’s hoping things go smoothly for the Scottish crew, and you can check out what the finished product should look like below;

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