Is Red Bull Rampage Too Dangerous?

October 20, 2016

Ok, so lets get this out of the way. Red Bull Rampage is a highly, highly entertaining spectacle. Most people would testify to that after watching the preview video of the 2016 Red Bull Rampage, and seeing Brandon Semenuk’s insane winning run. It’s not a new thing though. Being able to watch mountain bikers risk their life and limb has been a source of constant entertainment since the sport first began with the first Klunkerz riders. After all, mountain biking is extreme and totally rad yo!

However, the Red Bull Rampage has long been the pinnacle of the extreme side of the sport, with riders flinging themselves off the gnarliest of jumps and down the steepest of drops in the Utah desert. And each year, it seems to get even more and more gnarly as riders push themselves to progress. With some serious accidents in recent years, some riders and commentators have suggested that the event is becoming too dangerous.

In fact, as you’ll see below, Sam Reynolds has stated via his Instagram account that the Rampage course was so sketchy, that he decided to tap out of this year’s event;

As we’re all aware though, sweet helmet cam footage of riders doing insane things often gets millions of internet views and it makes sponsors happy. Plus, a photo of you backflipping off a canyon gap makes for a brilliant advertisement in a magazine, so the more of those you can pull off, the happier your employers are going to be right?

So what do you think? Is the Red Bull Rampage too dangerous? Will it take a very serious accident for organisers to think accordingly? Or is it a case of riders being responsible for their own safety? And if you don’t like it, don’t do it?

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