Interbike: Wolf Tooth Launches Dropper ReMote

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If you’ve just spannered your dropper remote having had it mounted atop the bars until you tangled with a tree, you might be in the market for a new remote. Equally, if you’ve mounted your remote awkwardly to avoid tree entanglements – upside down maybe, or squeezed between a shifter and brake clamps – then you might also appreciate this new offering from Wolf Tooth Components, the US makers of all those little bits and pieces you never knew you were going to need when you walked out the shop with your first bike.

Wolf Tooth ReMote

Wolf Tooth says it’s taken 23 prototypes to reach the stage of having a saleable product, having tried to address all the complaints they hear from mountain bikers about dropper remotes. The resulting ReMote features cabling which attaches at the lever, and a special cable clamp that won’t damage cables, with both being designed to make installation easier. There’s also a barrel adjuster to make it easier to make minor adjustments to your set up. The machined surface is designed to give you grip in all weathers and conditions.

Wolf Tooth ReMote

The ReMote integrates with Shimano I-Spec (A, B, or II) and SRAM MatchMaker X brake levers, while bar-mount clamps will be available later in 2016. In what is claimed as an industry first, the ReMote uses a 21mm sealed cartridge bearing for smooth operation and modulation. And should you be worrying that this is just another thing you’re going to have to break and replace, it’s designed with a failure point. If you do crash, the lever should break away from its base, with replacement axles being (apparently) cheap to replace and easy to come by.

Wolf Tooth ReMote

Wrecked remote? Cluttered cockpit? Thlippy thumbs? (We’re missing a few teeth after the last crash) Then maybe the ReMote is what you’re looking for. Currently tested and approved by Wolf Tooth for use with Easton Haven, Fox Transfer, KS (all), RaceFace Turbine, Specialized Command (all), Giant Contact and Thomson posts, the website says that more compatibility tests and results are to follow. The US site lists the price at $59.95, while the UK distributor Leveret states that new releases from Wolf Tooth will be added to the website soon.

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    Reverb. The one post that has a shit button, that’s what they need to focus on. Biggest market as well!.

    Hmm pics of dropper lever with massive handlebar bag in the way.

    It was cleverly hidden 😉

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