New RIP 9 Alloy Added To Niner Bikes Range

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Only last month, we were paid a visit by two brand new Niner mountain bikes: the RIP 9 RDO and the JET 9 RDO. Both bikes signalled some pretty significant developments for the American brand, including the shift to more modern-style geometry, BOOST 148x12mm rear hub spacing, and the ability to fit 27.5 plus tyres. That last point is perhaps the biggest progression for Niner, which has, up until this point, been totally dedicated to the 29er wheelsize.

Although those new models ticked a lot of boxes for a lot of riders, Niner has also been quietly developing a more affordable version of the RIP 9 RDO. Equipped with the same 150mm suspension design and geometry set, the RIP 9 simply uses an alloy frame in place of the RDO’s high-end carbon construction to help make the price more accessible for more riders.

niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
The new RIP 9 is based on the carbon RIP 9 RDO, but features a custom butted alloy tubeset that brings the price down significantly. Niner have also paired the alloy frame to some impressive build kit options that offer great value for money.

“Featuring the same [R]Evolution geometry and CVA suspension design found in the carbon versions, the RIP still features Boost spacing and is compatible with 27.5 Plus wheels along with 29” wheels. The aluminum model maintains a user-friendly threaded bottom bracket, ISCG 05 tabs, and internal or external dropper post routing, among other features.” – Niner Bikes

niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
You can have any colour, as long as its ‘utilitarian tank grey’. Quite the appropriate colour for a 150mm travel trail bike like the RIP 9 though.

The new Niner RIP 9 Alloy features;

  • 150mm of rear suspension travel
  • Patented CVA suspension design
  • Designed for 160mm travel forks (29in setup) or 170mm travel forks (27.5 plus)
  • Revised geometry is optimized for modern trail riding
  • Boost 148×12 mm rear spacing for optimum power transfer, geometry, and wheel stiffness
  • Compatible with 29×2.5in tires or 27.5 plus tires up to 3.0in
  • Internal and external dropper post routing
  • BSA threaded 73mm bottom bracket with ISCG05 mounts
  • Zero stack headset included
  • 30.9mm seat post
  • Tapered zero stack headset included, 44mm upper, 56mm lower
  • All sizes have 1 bottle mount inside front triangle
  • Can fit up to a 29×2.5” or 27.5×3.0” tire(tire sizes vary by brand, some tires may not fit)
  • SRAM/Shimano 1x Boost max chain ring clearance: 36t, 168mm Q factor
niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
The alloy Niner RIP 9 uses the same geometry as the carbon RDO model, with a 67-degree head angle when fitted with 29in wheels and a 160mm travel fork up front.
niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
However, you can fit 27.5 plus wheels on the same chassis, with clearance for up to 3.0in rubber. Niner recommend a 170mm fork for the 27.5+ configuration, which results in a 66.5-degree head angle. That is quite the trail bruiser!
niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
A stubby tapered head tube conceals the internal headset, which helps with getting the cockpit height down low. Niner equip complete RIP 9 bikes with a short stem, wide bars and proper big RockShox Lyrik or Yari forks.
niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
To maximise tyre clearance around the CVA suspension design, the RIP 9 is 1x only. So no front derailleurs allowed in this club. You can however, fit a chain device via the ISCG05 tabs for reigning in that chain on the rowdier stuff.
niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
Characterised by two forged alloy linkages connecting the solid rear triangle to the front triangle, the CVA design offers a linear rear axle path for stable pedalling efficiency and impressive square-hit performance.
niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
The CVA system rolls on Enduro MAX cartridge bearings for both the rocker and lower linkage. The design is simple, easy to service and offers good lateral rigidity from front to back. Combined with the wider BOOST 148x12mm thru-axle rear dropouts, the new Niner RIP 9 alloy appears to be a very stout machine.
niner bikes rip 9 rdo rockshox 27.5 plus 29 alloy
Each version of the Niner RIP 9 has gotten slacker, lower and longer in the front centre. The new version is also Niner’s longest travel RIP 9, with 150mm of travel out back and the ability to run a 160-170mm fork up front.

If you dig the new Niner RIP 9, you’ll be able to get it as a standalone frameset, or in one of two complete bike options built around a Shimano SLX 1×11 drivetrain package. Both bikes get RockShox suspension, with the 27.5+ version using a Yari fork, and the 29in version featuring a Lyrik fork.

Lookin for more information about the RIP 9 and the new Niner range? Then get in touch with UK distributor Jungle Products for all you need to know.

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