CSG Connection 2016 Part 3 – Charge and Fabric

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In case you’ve not already seen, here’s the background on the CSG Connection, as well as new bikes from Cannondale and GT Bicycles.

Next up in our run down are Charge and Fabric. Once one and the same, Fabric now concentrates on accessories while Charge have a tight range of full bikes.


The mainstay of the Charge MTB range – the Cooker has gone big for 2017. The bikes are now specced as 27.5+ across the range. Prices start at £749.99 and range up to £2999.99.

The Cooker 5. Titanium frame, SRAM X1. Rad.
And 3, 2, 1, 0. The Cooker 1 and 0 are both fully rigid. The 0 is also singlespeed.

We also loved the Charge Mini Cooker. Available in either 20″ or 24″ wheels, both come with disc brakes and 7 gears.

Perfect for mini-shredders


Probably best known for their saddles, but now taking a sideways look at more and more cycling products, Fabric always seem to be able to combine innovation and good design. They brought a few new products to show us, as well as their mainstays.

First up, we are currently testing the Fabric cageless waterbottle (£11.99 including mounts). Tom has been really impressed. In fact his only criticism was that the bottle itself isn’t as big as some. Fortunately, Fabric now have a larger volume bottle available (£12.99), as well as an insulated version (£15.99) and tool keg (£13.99) that fits via the same frame mounts.

Fabric Tool Keg and large bottle

Fabric have also expended their multitool line up, with the eight (£17.99), sixteen (£24.99) and chain tool (£19.99). All are nice and light, but felt solidly made.

Fabric Eight
The eight should be able to cope with all the bolts you are likely to find on your bike.


The sixteen, which, er we neglected to take a close up of (sorry about that), also includes a chain tool, essential bottle opener as well as a couple more hex sizes and spoke keys
The chain tool has a reversible bit should you be hamfisted enough to snap one in use. Not that we’ve ever done that. Noooo.

Fabric also had a new range of pumps on show – ranging from get me home through to a classy looking track pump.

Fabric RT150
The R150 (£26.99) and R200 (£29.99) are both high pressure road pumps designed for the back pocket. The only difference between the two is their size (and volume of air they shift).
And here is the M200 (£32.99) – a higher volume option again, better suited to MTB. It goes up to 90psi pressures. All the pumps feature this neat retractable hose.

The other products in Fabric’s collection were a range of lights. Think “be seen” rather than lighting the way, but keep your eyes peeled (but not looking directly into the light, obvs) for some brighter lights in the future.

USB Front Light (left, £29.99) and FL150 (right, £39.99)
Secured by multi-position silicone mounts, the FL30 is available in front or rear options. The FL150 has red LEDs built in, so can be used as a rear light instead if needed as a back up.
Shine on
And this is the FL300 (£49.99), or maybe FL500 (£59.99). They look identical, the numbers denote lumens though. That’s a rear dial to cycle between modes. No pressing buttons repeatedly until you chance upon the correct setting…

Finally, Fabric had their full range of saddles on display. This is largely unchanged for this year, but did feature a new women’s saddle – the Scoop Gel Women’s. It takes the Scoop’s general shape and tweaks it for a women’s anatomy… and adds gel inserts for the first time. Expect to see this making it’s way across to some of the men’s range in the future.

Fabric Women's scoop
Women’s Scoop

That just about sums up our round up from Fabric and Charge. Stay tuned for our last report from CSG – Sombrio clothing…

…which can be read by clicking here for part four

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