26 ain’t dead – Cotic’s new BFe26 redesign

May 20, 2016

Cotic has announced a complete redesign of their much loved BFe26 hardtail – so they’re resolutely sticking with the 26″ wheel format, which we suspect will make many people very happy.


Like the BFe275 bike, the new BFe26 gets the longer reach and slacker head angle which makes short stems and wide bars soooo much fun to play with. BB drop is 10mm lower than the previous iteration, too. It’ll work as a jump bike with a 100mm fork, or as a trail bike with 120 or 140mm. Cotic even thinks it’ll work as a full-on gnarbike with a 160mm fork…

It seems that the idea is that you can grab one of these and swop the parts from your existing bike over, if you so desire. The press release even says “You can even plug in 27.5″ forks if your 26″ forks are worn out, so long as you keep the 26″ wheels in there.”


A 140mm 26″ fork will net you a 67deg head angle and a 73deg seat angle, 420mm chainstays and a reach of 424.1mm on the medium. You can see the rest of the geometry data with different fork lengths (including 27.5 forks running 26″ wheels) by clicking here.


For more details on the BFe, click here.


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