Stan’s Mark 3 Wheels: Wider, Yet Cunningly Lighter

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Wider AND Lighter?

Stan’s NoTubes has announced new lighter, wider versions of their Crest, Arch, and Flow rims and wheelsets. The new Mark 3 series rims apparently feature a more durable 6069 aluminum alloy and a wider, lower profile design that it is claimed maximizes tyre volume without distorting the shape. These new MK3 wheelsets include Stan’s faster-engaging and more durable CNC machined Neo hubs. POW.

Crest-MK3-Action Shot

The Arch MK3, which sees the greatest increase in width, was kept at nearly the same weight as the previous Arch EX rim, and Stan’s claims that the 6069 alloy and rim shape increases lateral stiffness for improved handling. Tubeless setup and maintenance should remain as easy as it ever was, it says here.

What is WideRight?

New Mk 3s

Stan’s NoTubes company President and Chief Engineer, Mike Bush, says “The shape of the tyre on the rim is so important, and a lot of rims out there are too wide to work with the tyres we’re all using. Stretching a tyre beyond its intended shape causes problems when leaning into corners and forces you to run higher air pressures to keep impacts from damaging the rim or pinch flatting the tyre.” Stan’s WideRight concept was developed to find the optimal rim width for the most common tire sizes. “It took a lot of testing,” says Bush, “but our new rims offer the best balance between stability and tire shape.”

In case that doesn’t make things any clearer, there’s a diagram to help you understand it:

Stan's WideRight

The MK3 Range

There’s three wheelsets in the new range: the Crest, the Arch, and the Flow. So what’s the difference?

Crest MK3

Credit: Stan's NoTubes
Credit: Stan’s NoTubes

The Crest MK3 adds 2mm of internal width while dropping weight – making it aimed at tubeless cross country performance where faster acceleration and climbing are desired. The Crest MK3 rims will be offered in 24-inch, 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch sizes and in both 28-hole and 32-hole drilling. UK prices aren’t yet available, but the RRP of the rim is $100. Wheelsets will be offered in a wide variety of axle configurations, including Boost and Cannondale Lefty, with an RRP of $679. A SRAM Predictive Steering option will also be available for $825.

Arch MK3

Stan's NoTubes
Credit: Stan’s NoTubes

It’s the Arch MK3 that Stan’s says has seen the most drastic evolution. It is 24% wider, with virtually no weight increase from its predecessor (no exact figures are given). Taking feedback from Stan’s Enduro World Series teams,the internal rim width has been pushed out to 26mm for maximum tire stability and volume while keeping the rim itself incredibly light (only 425g for the 27.5” rim). RRP for the Arch MK3 rim is $100, and rims will be offered in all the same specifications as the Crest MK3, with the exception of 24″ rims, and for the same price.

Flow MK3

Stan's NoTubes
Credit: Stan’s NoTubes

The Flow MK3s go nearly 4mm wider, giving a 29mm internal rim width that should give a good balance of tyre sidewall stability and volume for tyres up to 2.8” wide. Stan’s claim the more durable 6069-series alloy and lower profile rim also make this the toughest Flow ever made – important for this Downhill and All-Mountain targeted wheelset. But stronger doesn’t mean heavier, with Stan’s stating that the optimized rim shape and a stronger alloy also let the Flow MK3 weigh in 30g less than even the narrower Flow EX. Prices are yet again $100 for rims, and $675 for wheelsets.

Rims will be £75 in the UK, and wheels will cost £475. Expect rims in May, and wheelsets in the summer.

For more information, visit UK distributor is Paligap.

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