Further woes for Lee Quarry

January 7, 2016

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Lee Quarry

Well, we guess it’s hardly surprising after the 2015 Lee Quarry had – first of all it seems that cutbacks threatened the closure of the place all together and then Boxing Day happened. So it comes as pretty much no surprise to hear that the brand spanking trail-head that was mooted more than a year ago has seemingly gone the way of the dodo. And no, it’s not been eaten by naturalists.

Post-boxing day. Not pretty.

In a story by Rossendale Free Press it appears that negotiations have ground to a halt between the two parties involved, Rawtenstall-based Ride-On and Rossendale Council officials.

Lee Quarry sculpt stage 1
In happier times

Original holdups appear to have revolved around health and safety issues; essentially Ride-On need a clean plot of land on which to build, and they felt that this was not being provided by the council. Rossendale Free Press estimates that scheme was estimated to be worth up to £1 million a year to the local economy.

There is a Countryside Services Consultation survey by Lancashire County Council in place which aims to gather views on how funds are allocated henceforth – if you care about the trail centre perhaps it might be worth spending the time to fill it out? There are no easy answers though – the Council apparently needs to save a further £262 million on top of previous savings. Which is hardly chump-change.

All in all, it’s not a good time for Lee Quarry right now. It seems like Bacup needs a miracle to keep its trail centre.

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