Ride With Hans Rey In 360 Degree Video

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If you have an up-to-date browser then you should be able to make this work. If it doesn’t then you can also see this video over on our Facebook page, where we are lead to believe it does in fact work rather well, especially on a mobile.

So, Hans Rey came to see us for a couple of days this week and Chipps took him out to ride one of our favourite trails around Hebden Bridge. Peckwell B is how it’s known locally and it’s a leafy, technical chute of a descent in to Hardcastle Cragg.

If the video doesn’t work on mobile then try watching it here on Youtube or on our Facebook page

We’ve recently bought a 360Fly camera that records 360 degree videos and it seemed the perfect opportunity to test it out. So we stuck it on the stem of Hans’ bike so you can pretend you are a little pixie sitting on his bars.

Use your mouse to drag the video around. It was a bit wet out there and also quite dark (It usually is in the The Valley). When it gets brighter we’ll give the camera a whirl on some test bikes.

The 360Fly camera mounted like some mini radar
The 360Fly camera mounted like some mini radar

And here’s Hans riding with the Orb on his bars:

Orb visible on Hans’ bars


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    Is it just me, not a fan of the camera……ride looks cool.

    Camera output looks crappy now, but when the tech gets better, that’s going to be a big thing!

    I’m assuming the uploaded video is of poor quality because of bandwidth, streaming speeds or is it really that crap? I think Nikon is barking up a blind alley with this one to mix my metaphors.

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