Video: Claudio gets his ‘cross on at the RedBull Velodux

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The last time we saw Claudio (who ranks as one of the most consistently entertaining MTB ‘presenters’ on the web) he was scaring himself silly previewing the RedBull Rampage.

Here, he takes on a slightly different challenge – the Red Bull Velodux cyclocross race. And as you’d expect, it’s full of the usual Claudio awesomeness:

Look, he even gets air!

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    Wow! My son once road a local Cyclocross Event it was great fun and very muddy . Caroline Alexander was on the same grid at the start. It was interesting to see that through a wooded section of drops and climbs the Mountain bikers rode it and the cyclocrossers got off carried the bike and ran it. Needless to say Caro won by miles. but a great atmosphere My son punctured and a bloke trackside just whipped the wheel off his bike and handed it to him. we had to find him after the race to give it back!

    “It’s like riding on sausages” – classic!

    Claudio is worth the ticket price alone.


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