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UPDATE Thursday Oct 1st: We’ve now raised over £12,500 for Cancer Research UK & Macmillan Cancer Support

UPDATE Sunday PM: The total raised so far is a little short of £6.5k

UPDATE Wednesday AM: Crowdfunding shares in the original Jo Burt cover painting are now available here. Total raised so far for Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support is approximately £5500

UPDATE Friday 11am: We’ve added sales of Digital Subscriptions and individual issue 100 sales to the donation list. See below for the details.

It’s been a tough 12 months for us all at Singletrack and grit.cx but none of us has had a tougher year than our Deputy Editor Jenn Hill. Jenn has lung cancer, categorised as Stage IV at diagnosis – which is about as bad as it can be. While the rest of us see this as tragic Jenn herself describes it as bad luck. Cancer aside, she’s healthier than the rest of us by a very long way. The fact she has this dreadful disease is baffling to everyone who knows her, but ultimately comes down to just shit luck. It truly is shit.

jenn hill hopkins singletrack deputy editor cancer
Jenn with one of her signature giggles

Jenn has continued to work at Singletrack since her diagnosis last year despite the chemotherapy, drug trials, gamma knife surgery, and more chemo. While living with this awful disease she has written features, reviewed products, been on adventures, sub-edited hundreds of thousands of words of copy, ‘encouraged’ copy from late contributors and staff and essentially got on with it while, as her current email signature states, she ‘kicks the arse out of cancer’.

There is currently no cure for Stage IV cancer and sadly Jenn’s treatment options have now come to an end. She’s leaving Singletrack to spend the last few months of her life with friends and loved ones, supported by St Gemma’s Hospice and the amazing team at St James’s Institute of Oncology, Leeds, to whom she and everyone around her owes a great debt of thanks for their expertise and compassion over the past 18 months.

She is a private person and she will be cringing reading this, but she’s also very open and surprisingly frank about the whole situation. She wouldn’t want anyone to avoid the topic while she’s in their company and it’s been made clear to us all that she’s more than willing to talk about the whole thing. Frankly, she’s amazed us with her determination and courage. It’s a tragedy for sure but a deeply humbling one at the same time.

jenn hill hopkins singletrack deputy editor cancer
Jenn prefers life behind the lens (or in this case, a jersey) rather than in front of it.

As part of her treatment Jenn has taken part in a drug trial that had startling, though temporary results. These drug trials are helping cancer sufferers right now and the knowledge they provide to the doctors, nurses and teams of researchers that battle this disease on a daily basis will undoubtedly save lives in the future. That’s why, at Jenn’s request, we have chosen Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support as our two nominated charities. For as long as you order them, for every sale of our signed Jo Burt Issue 100 cover prints, Issue 100 mugs and Special Issue 100 T-shirts, we will donate a set amount from each sale to these two charities. Pre-order in our shop now.

Shortly we will be announcing the auction of the original Issue 100 Jo Burt painting that we used for our cover. The proceeds of that auction will be split equally between these two charities.

You can also donate directly to both charities via their websites.

Cancer research UK & Macmillan Cancer Support

Comments (113)

    shittiest news ever, Best wishes to Jenn and Tom 🙁

    Would it be possible to divert any Classifieds donations for a while?

    Hi Scotroutes. That’s a good idea and we’ll investigate. Please wait until we report back or indicate that we can do this though as we may have a better more efficient solution than going through the paypal option that exists currently.

    Deeply sorry to hear this news. Best wishes Jenn. Maybe come back as a cat, next time?

    Damn. So very sorry to hear this.

    Terrible news.
    Jenn – awesome riding and writing over the years. Best wishes.

    That’s dreadful. Thoughts with Jenn all who those who know her personally.

    Words cannot express how sorry I am to hear this- and I truly hope that Jenn can find comfort with friends & family over the coming months.

    In tears reading this. She’s such an cheery soul. She did a great job motivating me at Mountain Mayhem this year telling me not to get grumpy. Very best wishes Jenn.

    I’m absolutely gutted about this, best wishes Jenn and all my hope for a comfortable least few months. You’ll be massively missed by the MTB world.

    Milk the fuck out of whatever’s left, Jenn. I know you will. Hugs to all.

    Very, very sorry to read this – I knew Jenn had been having treatment but didn’t realise just how serious it is for her.

    Spent a lovely morning with her in the bluebells round Mayhem course. Such a inspiring rider with a beautiful smile and a voice like velvet. Hope this last bit of trail is kind Jenn. X

    Arse. Nothing else I can add that has not already said. 🙁

    Hi Jenn by far the most happy/smiley person I have ever met on and off the bike enjoy your precious time with your friends and family x


    Enjoy your time with family and friends Jenn

    Luck is a bitch and no mistake. Here’s hoping Jenn enjoys the next few months to the full.

    Such a lovely person who will make the most of her valuable time.

    **** me, what terrible news. Jen, love your writing, and your features, and I think the aviemore one sticks in my head the most but they are all good. FWIW, all love from the BSM clan to you and yours.

    Carte blanche to say “Seconds of pie for me and why, yes, I WILL see the dessert menu…”

    Crap news, enjoy your time with friends and family Jenn.

    Jenn always loved your work, thank you.

    Pants. Big horrible cancer pants. Jenn was just ace to deal with last year for some images – and an inspiration with her racing, articles and images. Thanks for putting my son into print. Have a great time with family and friends.

    I’m so sorry to hear this Jenn.

    Jenn, not met you but always make a beeline for your articles, your sunny personality always shines through. Absolutely devastated to read this, I really am. No other words. Take care.

    Jenn: You rock. That is all.

    Jenn’s divide race article remains one of my favourites. Thinking of Jenn, Tom, and all the ST crew.

    Aw crap… staggered that Jenn has kept working through so much, and always been amazing and friendly and upbeat throughout. Go do stuff with Tom now.. go on!

    Will buy a print for the man cave, and have a heartfelt smile each time I look at it. Best wishes to all.

    Having designed for several magazines, from hand-made studenty ones to well-respected political mags (and of course, Singletrack), I can testify that Jenn has a special eagle-eye for errors, which I’ve yet to see from anyone else I’ve worked with. I could go on with what an inspiration she’s been to work with, but it would get so long she might return it with red pen on the typos. Cheers Jenn. x

    Chris and I are just home from a lovely hour or so spent with Jenn and Tom. Steve and Kelvin were there too. Tea was drunk, cake was scoffed and we joshed and teased as we always do. We love you both dearly and always will. There are still good times to be had. xx

    Mug ordered.

    Big hugs to Jenn & Tom

    Can’t find any useful words Jenn. Hugs ‘n’ all that x

    100 not out. Fresh Goods Friday model shots never the same again.

    Mug ordered. To very worthy charities. The support we got from Macmillan when my dad was diagnosed with cancer was very much appreciated and I know of the work cancer research do as my brother works for them. Thoughts are with Jen and her loved ones

    That’s awful,so sorry and thoughts with Jen and hers.

    So sad to read this.

    I’ll be wearing my #FUxxCANCER cycling jersey for you this weekend Jenn.

    All thoughts with you and your friends and family, I’ve spoken briefly to you at events and been privileged to read your words many times. May the wind be always at your back, wherever you go.

    I’m going through a personal hell with loved ones at the moment but Jenn’s story has drowned my Tea/Supper/Evening meal, call it what you like, in tears.

    How TFH she can remain so strong.

    We all know someone but every case is so deeply personal. Sad news, may those concerned draw strength from a wonderful attitude and the support of friends of strangers.

    That really is terrible news.

    Best wishes, Jenn, you will be missed, but keep fighting non-the-less.


    Jenn’s writing has accompanied my mountain biking journey for as long as I can remember, from the soul and from the heart. Always riding Jenn, thank you.

    So sorry to hear this thoughts and best wishes to you Jenn, I’m welling up….

    Sad news not really sure what to say

    Sorry to hear the sad news Jen.
    Thanks for your hard work, you are an inspiration.

    Beyond gutted, all my thoughts and best wishes to Jenn and family.

    Heartbreaking. Mug Ordered.

    A pleasure to meet you at Mayhem this year, and share a few words. Hope the riding is as good on the other side as it is here.

    Shitty news, best wishes to Jenn and family. Mug ordered – a bit self-serving as another family member is also a recipient of Macmillan’s services 🙁

    Hmmm I’ve rewritten this about five times and all I can think is that Jenn’s been dealt a shit hand. Enjoy your time with your family and friends.

    Knocked me for six reading this, always loved your articles and writing Jenn. Such shit news and so hard to find anything remotely meaningful to say in these times. Sounds like your sticking two fingers up at it though, good on you!
    Love and best wishes xxx

    Deeply saddened. Loved reading Jenn’s contributions over the years, feel like I know her 🙁

    Really sad news. Thoughts and best wishes to Jenn and family. I’ll be ordering a mug too.

    So sorry to hear this xx

    So unfair. Have met so many great people through mountain biking and Jenn, you are one of the best and nicest. Love and hugs!

    Such shit news. I remember reading Jenn’s tour divide article in wmb and single-track, and being so refreshed by her writing and outlook. I always enjoy her writing. She’s evidently a superb rider and a soulful person.

    Amazing Jenn, she did a lot of work when we helped out with the Llandeglaish ride we worked on with you in the spring I’m even more sorry she was unable to come with us… Anyway buy buy buy buy where do I sign up for buying all this 100 loot……

    Always really enjoy Jenn’s articles. Terribly sad news, best wishes to Jenn and family.

    Very sad news about Jenns illness but tinged with positivity as you have made obvious to the rest of us who could don’t know, what an amazing and tremendous person you have had at Singletrack Towers.

    My wishes and hopes go with you Jenn.

    Awful news. I can’t think of anything else to write. 🙁

    Thanks Jenn for all the great copy over the years.

    If stw could set up a just giving pot somewhere it would be great to throw something in it.

    Well done for playing the hand dealt you with such joie de vivre Jenn. Enjoy your remaining time with friends and family.

    You know that bike in the Goodies? Where can we borrow one?

    Only met Jenn once but once is enough to get how genuine she is. Very sad to hear this.

    Wow. Such a loss to Singletrack and to the MTB community. I enjoyed Jenn’s writing and her attitude. I hope her remaining months are as enjoyable as they can be with her loved ones.

    Hi Jenn,
    We’ve never met but I want to thank you for all the happiness that you’ve brought me through your adventures. I’ve had many a happy hour reading your articles, in my favourite chair with a mug of tea.
    May your adventures continue.
    Love, Jim

    A great writer, a great rider and genuinely great person, Jenn, you will be sorely missed but never forgotten…
    Smiles for miles all the way to the end…!!! Xx

    Jenn, never met you but really enjoyed your work. Shit situation. Hope your Autumn days are enjoyable and you get some last trails in.

    Big hugs, Paul

    Nothing more to be said, but really saddened to read this. Mug and Print ordered, and they will always serve to remind me of an amazing woman.

    Hi Jenn,never had the honour of meeting you in person, but as the assembled rabble have already stated,nice work Girlie. All our love goes to you and your clan. Try to imagine the BIG days out in the hills you will have with Stevie W and J Mc.
    Enjoy the trails my dear, Mac..xxxxx

    I’m lucky enough to be able to count Tom & Jenn as dear friends, and had a wonderful couple of hours last night with them. Tea & cake and laughter all happened.
    But I don’t mind admitting it must have been very dusty in the car on the way home back over the M62.
    Love, love, love you guys, and we’ll see you soon. xx

    Fuck you cancer indeed. Give it hell, Jenn. Like I needed to say…

    Jenn, our thoughts and prayers are with you. I loved your work. Ross

    So enjoyed meeting and riding with you a few years back in North Berwick, Jenn. And similar enjoyment since then of your words and photos! Sorry our paths didn’t cross again.

    All my thoughts and best wishes to you and to Tom. Now go and have some fun 🙂

    Sheesh what to say. *Love* your writing . Undeserved rotten rotten luck. Do everything with what you have left (like you need telling).

    I have a lot of kit here recommended by Jenn A review by the girl is the law! Thank you! respect, x .

    Awwwww shit! I still remember you gently mocking my choice of CK headset colour in Quest many years ago! Loved your articles in the mag too. Absolutely tragic but a life well lived, thoughts with you Jenn.

    Thoughts with you Jenn. Keep kicking it.

    Aww crap. Thoughts and positive vibes for you Jenn.

    Jenn you wrote the best line I’ve ever seen in a cycling article ever. It described the A9 as “the road to fun”. I’ve never forgotten that phrase which evoked a lot for me. As a result I’ve now subscribed again. I wish you well and hope you find many more virtual roads to fun.

    Thanks Jenn for writing the words I’ve read with enjoyment. I hope you’ve had a great life up until now and enjoyed what time you’ve had on this earth. I wish you all the best for your remaining days. Shit happens, life’s cruel, more to some than others. That’s just the way it is. All the best.

    Hey Jenn, I’ve been scanning the mag every month for an update since you broke the news last year, hoping no news was good news. So sorry to hear the latest. Shit happens to those who least deserve it 🙁 I’m sure you will keep packing in as much as you can for as long as you can. I wish I had half your courage – you are an inspiration!

    Devastating. I haven’t met you Jenn but have truly loved your writing style and your humility. I hope you will remember the good times you have had, enjoy more in the future and know that you are a source of inspiration as well as being immensely talented.

    Mug ordered!

    Laugh and cry in equal measures with your friends and family Jenn.

    Nothing more i can add that hasn’t been already said, but i just wanted to say “Thanks Jenn”, your writing and articles have entertained and inspired me, and that’s surely the essence of MTB friends 😉

    My thoughts are with you Jenn, also your family and friends/colleagues. I wish you all the best.

    Can we add Grit.cx subs to the offer? Mug order will follow shortly regardless. Rubbish news for anyone, whether you know them or not. Very best wishes.

    There are no words to say in this situation. Jenn, you are an inspiration. All the best to you as you deal with this.

    Can’t imagine what you’re going through but sending much love if it helps any.

    John x

    OMG so shocked and sorry to hear this. Don’t know what to say but send much love.

    Thanks for what you’ve given us Jenn, its been a pleasure

    Shit. Shit. Shit. Lost to many friends and family too the big C and I am not exactly what you would classify as old.
    Good luck Jenn and happy trails.
    Reading how you have been just getting on with living is truly inspiring.
    Thanks for all the great inputs and articles over the years.

    Truly inspirational.
    Love, peace and happiness to you, your family and friends.

    Life is melancholy.

    I find such peace out on the trails.

    I hope you find peace Jenn.

    Ride some trails for her folks.

    So sorry and sad to read this news, it’s simply not fair, I hope you find some joy where you can in the next few months.

    Love your writing. Love your reviews. You’re an inspiration. Keep on inspiring. Keep smiling. Keep riding. Love and hugs to you and your family

    Terrible news for her, her family and friends. Her Tour Divide article was excellent. Which edition was it again?

    I have more mugs and T-shirts then I need. Any other way of contributing directly to a STW members type pot to go the charities?

    I think it was Jen who recommended Singletrack mag to me about 11 years ago (I’ve been a subscriber for 10 now). It was during a serendipitous after work ride along the South Downs when I caught her wheel and we became impromptu riding buddies sharing the same route home. She showed me the neat little whoop through the trees from the top of Dyke Road Avenue onto Hove Park. I’ve not ridden that in years. It’s a lovely ride. I’ll do it soon. And I’ll think of you, Jen, every time I do. Chapeau.

    Shit news.
    Enjoy your time as best by can, Jenn.

    I really do bloody hate cancer. You absolutely rock Jenn!

    So sad to hear this Jenn…

    Inspirational in many ways. Hopefully one day, one day we’ll find a cure. Beat wishes.

    aw crap really sad to learn about this 🙁 my wife is going through cancer treatment at the moment and the outcome is positive to read this truly shows how we are so lucky as a family. I wish you all the best Jenn x

    Words fail me, I am floored by the news, the question “why” keeps looping around my head. I hope your get your time back somewhere down the track x

    “Her Tour Divide article was excellent. Which edition was it again?”
    Issue 54, Blackhound.

    Any news on the classifieds? Have a deore brake I need to sell and thought I’d donate the money.

    I am sorry to hear this. Extremely moving and there is no way I would be as strong in this situation. All best x

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