New Platypus Hydration Packs

September 30, 2015

Seattle-based Platypus send word of their new hydration packs, aimed at various different kinds of riding and with gender specific options available. What you might not know about Platypus is that the founders of their parent company, Cascade Designs, invented the Therm-A-Rest, making the original prototype with some foam, a sheet of plastic, and a sandwich toaster.

©Earl Harper
The Duthie has retention for helmet and pads.
©Earl Harper
It comes in two colourways and 10L or 15L sizes.
©Earl Harper
The Siouxon (“Sue-sonn”) is the women’s equivalent to the Duthie, with highly adjustable straps designed to fit a wider range of shapes.
©Earl Harper
The Tokul is more for XC type riding, and comes with enhanced ventilation in 5L or 8L sizes.
©Earl Harper
The B-Line is the women’s specific XC pack.

The packs will be available in January 2016, with price ranges of £65 – £85 for the XC models, and £110 – £120 for the larger AM models.

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