Interbike 2015: Topeak’s tubeless-seating floor pump

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Like an air compressor, but quieter.

No, not that kind of boost.
No, not that kind of boost.

The latest in a series of pumps designed to aid in tubeless tyre inflation, Topeak’s JoeBlow Booster is designed to deliver the sort of high-pressure shot needed to seat stubborn tubeless and tubelish tyres.  The Booster carries a high-pressure chambre, which the rider “charges” to 160psi and then releases into the tyre all in one shot.

Big, high-mounted gages are always welcome
Big, high-mounted gages are always welcome

Tubeless tyres and rim profiles have improved greatly over the past decade or so, but we still run across combinations that need more oomph than a standard hand pump can deliver.  If it works, it’s a great idea for those put off by the expense of a full-blown air compressor or seeking something that can be brought along to events or on road trips.  The JoeBlow Booster’s high-mounted gage and hose are always welcome, making reading easier on aging eyes and allowing the chuck to reach wheels on bikes in work stands.  The only downside might be in discerning 21 from 23psi on the high pressure gage.

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Comments (6)

    Wasn’t there a thread on here about a DIY version with a coke bottle charged up as a booster by a track pump. Dr P or someone…..

    Yep, there are many home made versions.

    Given the potential downsides of a home-made pressure vessel (and bearing scars on my legs from similar experiments), something more… engineered does have a certain appeal.

    so it’s the Bontrager Flash Charger. By Topeak. Well, if it brings the price down I guess I’m all for it. Never heard a bad word said about the Bontrager version.


    One demerit for the Bonti is the fact that it deflates the tyre (filling the charge chamber) when the head is installed. It makes adding or removing a couple of PSI more involved- not the least because there’s no way to get a good idea of the starting pressure. On a road or ‘cross bike that leaves the rider effectively starting from scratch every time. Hopefully Topeak has been able to work around that little annoyance.

    Oh right. I think I follow that. Not riding road or cross I think I’d be OK but not everyone’s as single-discipline. So, don’t you just blast it up loads and then let air out until you’re happy? I assume you can do that with the head installed so unless you go too far it ought to be fine?

    Or get one of those digital valve meters that let you release air and give you a very accurate pressure reading all at once, perhaps.

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