Interbike 2015 – Rolf Prima Alesa: Lighter, wider, and quicker (engagement)

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24 paired spokes, one light wheel
24 paired spokes, one light wheel

How does 1,415g sound for a 29/23mm wide all-mountain wheelset with US-made 7.5° engagement hubs sound?  We thought it sounded pretty darn good.

Hubba, hubba
Hubba, hubba

New from paired-spokers Rolf Prima, the Alsea is positioned as the company’s range-topping trail/all-mountain wheelset.  The mid-width carbon fibre rims measure 29mm across and 23mm hook-hook, and are laced to the company’s new XST2 hubs using 24 highly-tensioned spokes per wheel.  The new hubs, custom made for Rolf Prima by White Industries, feature three pawls that each engage two of the freehub’s 48 teeth at once- halving previous models’ engagement time.  Durability fans take note: freehub bodies are gouge-resistant titanium.

You don't need much branding with such distinctive lacing.
You don’t need much branding with such distinctive lacing.

If the Alsea is anything like its predecessor the Ralos CXC, the wheels will be able to handle far more abuse than their weight (1,455g 27.5/1,455g 29er) would suggest.  The Alsea will retail for $2,400 “soon,” a less-expensively hub’d Alsea XR for $1,900.

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