Eurobike 2015: What the…? PART ONE

September 1, 2015

A quick selection of the things we saw that ticked us… Part one! (because it was cram-packed with weird!)

DSC_1009 The Orbea team arrive in style. Actually, the guy who owns this Lambo apparently can’t drive (he’s taking lessons though)…DSC_1028“No, get a pic with both my hands in. It’ll look weird otherwise”. Oookay.

Our Jamie gets smoochy with Andrei Greipel, who apparently is a bit good at riding those skinny tyred things. But check out those cheekbones!DSC_1247 The Smith stand had its own resident pooch, fetchingly attired in pink.DSC_1124 Just parked up against a wall, this ebike looks industrial, and pretty funky, but otherwise unexceptional. But what’s that at the front? Let’s take a closer look:DSC_1125 Oooooookaaay. Well, it ticks all the boxes for a wrongun. It might work beautifully, but it’s got some moderate aesthetic issues. Make that severe.DSC_1076 The Thomson moss gardenIMG_0150 ‘Specialist literature’.

Specialist. Literature.








Literature.IMG_0151 A trike with a roof of solar panels. Elegant, and understated. And a bugger in a crosswind.IMG_0124We did like this Adidas/Continental trainer/tyre hybrid concept though.

DSC_1134I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

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