Eurobike 2015: Between A POC And A Hard Place – Part 2

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It’s not all helmets in POCworld, I can tell you. They’re also playing with clothes too! The stand does odd things to cameras, so even if these pics looks terrible, at least some of the blame can be laid at the feet of the lighting. The vast majority of it, mind you, is laid at the feet of The Inept Photographer…

Resistance Jacket

P1030600A stowable jacket, which is also…

P1030601  ..has protection on the sleeves – the ceramic print is extremely abrasion resistant. It’s also big enough so you can wear armour underneath it. POC have included a RECCO reflector which makes it easier to spot from a helicopter (with the appropriate transmitter) in the air.

Resistance Short and Pants

IMG_0053 There are ceramic prints down the side for protection against tears – they’re low friction too – and there’s also ..

IMG_0050VPD protection prevents those nasty thigh abrasions…

IMG_0052  Also available in pant flavour.

IMG_0055Jerseys to go with the shorts.

IMG_0054 Gloves to go with the pants and the shorts – they have VPD protection too. Nice.IMG_0058 They also do mid-weight kit, too, with a bit less protection. Also available in black.


POC have heretofore focussed pretty much on road glasses – they were fine for MTB but struggled a bit in low light levels. But now they’ve taken a good hard look at mountain biking, and they’ve got some specs to suit.IMG_0068The crave has a crash-proof, detachable hinge, everything is nice and bendy, the frame sits flush with the lens at the bottom of the glasses, and critically, the lens is designed to differentiate greens for riding in trees. They look pretty sweet.IMG_0066Here’s a handsome Swedish guy (Marketing Director Jonas Söderqvist) wearing them.IMG_0067  The Aspire glasses are only horizontally curved for a more futuristic look. Pow.

IMG_0069And there are the Require glasses. Much more casusla in looks, but they’ve still got rideable features – bendy, unsnappable plastics, and good optics.

All available at the beginning of 2016; prices TBC

More info about POC here.

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