Eurobike 2015: ABUS

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Youn-I with MIPS

ABUS continue their forward thinking philosophy by introducing MIPS helmet technology and starting the process off with their kiid’s top end cycling offering.

The You-I for kids: MIPS tech wrapped around those precious young noggins

Now Abus top end kids lids get the MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is designed to provide additional protection during angled impacts.

What is MIPS?

You have probably seen the acronym floating around in various stories and product feature lists for a while now, but if it’s still a mystery here’s what it’s all about.

MIPS is a patented technology that has apparently been developed with the help of actual brain surgeons and scientists to reduce rotational forces on the brain, such as those that can occur during a bike accident. The MIPS system helps protect against brain damage caused by angled impacts to the head. The technology mimics the protective properties of the human head: it places an extra layer between head and helmet and thus absorbs more energy.

Another new safety feature is a highly positioned rear light that enhances visibility in street traffic. What’s more, the Youn-I MIPS is equipped with the Zoom Evo Kid precise adjustment system, 5 air inlets and 12 air outlets, and a foamed-in fly net to stop nasty bugs getting in to little Johnny’s scalp.

With lights, there’s safety

It’s a simple, kid-friendly design that was created specifically with the younger generation of cyclists in mind.

It comes in three different colors too.

ABUS Bordo Centium

Here’s a folding lock, very finely crafted one, with meticulous attention to detail we are told. It certainly felt like that in the hand. The type of premium commuter product that will do very well in well healed metropolises up and down the land.

Tradition meets modernity. Bordo Centrium lock and clasp with matching lid (leather peak and clasp detailing to boot)

Here’s what the ABUS press release had to say…

“Nowadays, more and more people are expressing their individuality through their bike. It is a key mode of transportation, especially in urban areas, while at the same time representing a certain outlook on life – one that is particularly conscious of style and aesthetics. With the Bordo Centium, ABUS provides this generation of cyclists a modern benchmark of folding locks.”

“The Bordo Centium’s development was driven by one basic idea: to build a compact lock that doesn’t take up a lot of space. This was achieved through a link construction that allows the lock to fold up and unfold like a folding ruler. This innovative mechanism is supported by the holder’s design, which enables cyclists to easily remove the lock from the side.”


“A number of clever details make the Bordo Centium a technical standout and enable it to meet rigorous security standards. The bike lock is equipped with a manually operated keyhole cover, which conceals the ABUS Plus precision cylinder. This tiny masterpiece protects against manipulation and lock picking. Bike owners will also be happy about the non-slip Velcro strap, which gives them flexible mounting options.”

In terms of their MTB offering the Abus mountK lid remains top of the tree; an in-mold construction comprising outer shell and EPS. New colours are due very soon and we’ll be having one in to run through the grinder.

Abus current, top end MTB offering the mountK
Abus current, top end MTB offering. The mountK

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