Superior’s Sexism *updated*

June 3, 2015

This week it’s Women In Sports week – from the 1st to the 7th of June. So naturally, with the profile of women in mountain biking riding high right now – Tracey Moseley winning the EWS at TweedLove amidst an extremely strong female contingent, and we’re going in to the World Cup this weekend at Fort William with a UK World Champion in Manon Carpenter among numerous other notables, something has to come along to deflate the mood…

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 15.14.37

And here it is – the website from Czech-based company Superior Cycles. If we may quote:

“Female cyclists do not generally need to push their limits, race against time and increase their adrenaline when riding rough downhill trails. They just want to enjoy the time spent in nature on the bike, and their expectations from the bike are completely different than men’s. They look mainly for safe, easy and, of course, stylish bikes that have good and natural handling.

Yeah, SURE. ALL of the girls I have ridden with look for ‘safe’ and ‘easy’ bikes (I’ll give them stylish), and certainly aren’t going to do anything as gauche as pushing their limits or enjoying a technical trail. And the vast majority of the girls I’ve ridden with in the past have displayed considerably more ‘limit pushing’ and ‘adrenaline increasing’ than – for example – me.

Manon Carpenter enjoying a safe, easy ride along a bumpy towpath, yesterday

And here: “Bikes that can briskly ride on asphalt surfaces and are reliable even in a more rugged terrain. Bikes that can be easily mounted and safely dismounted at any time… Allow us to introduce our MODO collection, specially designed by women for women.”

So generally women use their bikes to potter along towpaths (ooh, and maybe go over a bump), and find it difficult to get on and off them unless they have (non-specific) design features to allow them to do so? Wow.

Heaven forbid that women might actually like to ride gnarly trails, improve their technique or ride anything that isn’t deemed ‘safe’.

Photo Credit GT Factory Racing/Sven Martin
Photo Credit GT Factory Racing/Sven Martin. Rachel Atherton – post ‘natural trail enjoyment’

We were alerted to this from Cat Harts excellent blog, which you can find here.



After legions of people complained to them, they’ve now changed the wording on their website, and have posted this mea cupla

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