Orbea Press Launch 2016 – Digit seatpost – VIDEO

by Barney Marsh 12

Well this was an unexpected surprise.

Instead of a pricey dropper post, on some of their slightly less spendy models Orbea are speccing this really rather nifty seatpost, the Digit.


Essentially, it’s a normal seatpost with a groove in the back of it. As well as keeping it in line, there are a couple of recessed bolts in there, which you use to limit upper and lower height – as they lock into a plastic tongue which is attached to the seatclamp. The clamp also has a cam action, which tightens and releases with a pleasing ‘snap’.

Pleasing ‘snap’ not pictured

It looks like it might be pretty easy to drop (and even raise) your seatpost on the fly – of course, Orbea in no way condones this sort of behaviour, but it’s the sort of thing many people without droppers do in any event.

The demo post came with a cutaway seat tube – it’s potentially completely retro-fittable

If you can’t stretch to a dropper for whatever reason (or you don’t fancy the weight – these are *much* lighter) this could be the way to go. At the moment they’ll only available on Orbea bikes later this year at a diameter of 31.6mm, but I’ll be very surprised indeed if some aftermarket ones in a range of sizes didn’t appear in the future. It’s potentially completely retro-fittable to any frame with a rear-facing clamp. That is, most of them.

Regardless, we really like the idea. We could see this replacing the regular seatpost on a lot people’s bikes in the future.

Barney had a chat in Spain to Orbea Creative Director, the awesome Jordan Hukee, who chatted us through it:

What do you think – is this for you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. That’s actually very neat indeed. Like.
    Wont replace a dropper for me on my main bike (as I drop/raise very frequently), but would be great on my bikepacking bike because…
    1) Droppers don’t work with straps on big seatpacks
    2) Normal seatpost becomes a very floppy thing as soon as you open the clamp due to weight of pack.
    3) Range of adjustment can be limited so that tyre/seatpack don’t foul.

  2. I was thinking the same as above. A great little idea. If they can do it on 27.2 posts I think it would be a great idea for the steel singlespeeders. Don’t need to raise and drop very often on those bikes but it would be nice. Plus the price of 27.2 droppers is still pretty prohibitive

  3. Looks like a neat idea!

  4. I wonder if the idea is patented or even patentable (it is so simple, like all the best ideas! )

    Of orbea don’t offer an after market version, I’d expect to see a similar design on kick starter pretty soon

  5. Freegan – I’m informed that the Digit is Pat. Pending…

  6. One of of these then?

    Not owning one I couldn’t vouch for the inline-enforcement-ness of it mind.

    If only they did a 27.2 it would be perfect for my better half’s bike

  7. No, not like that at all, dangeourbrain. The aluminium sleeve in those pics and the video represents the seat-tube…

  8. Ah! Now I feel enlightened but stupid

  9. Looks great.

    Please make it for folding bikes too! Would be great on the Brompton.

  10. you mean like this? http://www.brompton.com/News/Posts/2015/News-The-Saddle-Height-Insert
    (not for cheapskates who already bodged something with insulation tape)

  11. I made a similar thing about 12 month ago using a Titec Scoper telescopic post, fitted a key way to keep it straight, then a button from an old crutch, then a spring to help it back to full height. 2 position dropper. Does the job !

  12. Add a return spring and bingo!

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