New Entry Level Go-Pro Launched

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Here’s news of the latest upgrades to the ubiquitous Go-Pro video recording device. This year they’ve added a touch screen back that can be used to setup the camera including previewing the angles before you set off to record that big gap that puts you in hospital (lets face it, the clips that get the biggest views are the ones that include the tag, ‘fail’). There’s also the ability to perform some rudimentary editing of your clips in the device, which will undoubtedly be useful if your memory card is pretty full. But, like the entry level HERO the new HERO+ LCD is at one with it’s waterproof casing – which means you can’t take it out of it’s weatherproof box. You now have the ability to tag moments during filming to make them easier to find later and it transmits to remote devices using both WI-FI and Bluetooth. Altogether it looks like they’ve gone for a greater social media interaction camera that should make it a lot easier and quicker for your mates to get that massive wipeout onto their Facebook pages before you’ve even come round from the crash.


HERO+ LCD  $299.99 MSRP – All-in-one awesome + touch-display convenience (We’ll update with a UK/Euro price when we get them) Here’s a list of the claimed features.

  •        Professional-quality 1080p60 video and 8MP photo capture
  •        Touch display for convenient camera control, shot framing, and in-camera playback
  •        Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth enables connectivity to the GoPro App and Smart Remote
  •        HiLight Tagging lets you mark key moments while recording or during playback for quick editing
  •        In-camera video trimming allows you to create short clips for easy content sharing without a computer
  •        Power on and record automatically with the press of a single button with QuikCapture setting
  •        Long-lasting battery delivers approximately two hours of recording time
  •        Integrated housing design for simplicity and ease of use
  •        Supports microSD cards (at least Class 10 or UHS-I) up to 64GB

HERO+ LCD will be available for purchase in the U.S. at authorized GoPro retailers and beginning June 7, 2015. International availability will begin July 12.

And here’s the official promo-video showing the much MUCH easier to use touch screen setup controls.

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    According to the GoPro website it will be £249.99 – which doesn’t equate to the U.S. Price too well

    Is this a replacement for the £99 model? If so that’s quite a leap in price, if not then surely that is the entry level.

    Woody – Transport costs, Import duty and VAT?

    Doesn’t replace the basic Hero (£109.99), but is a new model that sits between the Hero and the Hero4 range.

    Yes, I’d forgotten about VAT etc. it’s still a jump from the basic hero though

    It’s quite a step up from the Hero, has wifi as well as the screen which is a big bonus.
    Would still spend the extra and get a Silver I think though.

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