YakAttack Auctions Entry To Raise Money For Nepalese Earthquake Victims

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The recent earthquake in Nepal devastated huge regions of  the country, and has killed and injured thousands, as well as leaving many, many more homeless. The team at YakAttack, the race which runs through the region, are helping out in loads of ways, but one of them is to raise money by auctioning and entry for the NorthFace YakAttack Nepal bike race in November. We’ll let the guys at YakAttack explain:

Gauravman Gorka
Photo: GauravMan Sherchan

Having close connections with Nepal, the YakAttack team are deeply saddened and moved by the plight of the thousands of people caught up in last Saturday’s earthquake.

The Yak Attack race passes through many of the villages, that were close to the epicentre and that have all but been destroyed by this natural disaster.

The YakAttack team are working on many ways to assist these areas that are not necessarily in the public spotlight, due to their remoteness and rural locations.

One of the ways we are hoping to raise much-needed funds for immediate, and long-term assistance is by auctioning an entry for The NorthFace Nepal Yak Attack mountain bike race, which takes place in November.

ALL proceeds from this auction will be used to assist victims of the earthquake, through one of the grassroots initiatives set up in Nepal to directly provide much needed shelter, food, drinking water to the homeless, such as the Nepal Cyclists Ride to Rescue or The NorthFace – Helping Nepal. This will ensure that the funds are used optimally and for those that need it the most and either of these initiatives can be donated to directly via their facebook pages.

Bidding for the Yak Attack entry is open now and will close at 12 noon GMT on May 15. To bid on the entry please visit The Yak Attack face book page.








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