Fox Announces The Kabolt.

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Hard on the heels of RockShox’s announcement of a bunch of tweaks including the Maxle Stealth, Fox has joined the fray! It’s announced the Kabolt, which is an allen-key operated thru-axle for.. er.. Fox forks.

FOX-kabolt-110-100It seems that it’s been in the works for a while – Geoff Kabush asked for a lighter bolt-on axle back in the mists of time, and our Illustrious Editor tells tales of espying it on Mr Kabush’s bike a number of years ago. Fox has been supplying racers with them for several years, and now they’re making them available to you – yes, you, the adoring public. As long as you have Fox forks with 15QR axles, that is.

Here are the all-important bullet points:

  • 15x100mm weight: 34.5g
  • 100mm version is 40g lighter than our 15QR (54% weight savings)
  • Available in 15x100mm and 15x110mm widths
  • Compatible with all FOX 15QR forks
  • Installs with a 6mm hex
  • Black axles available in June; Orange axles available in August
  • MSRP: $45 USD

We’ll get hold of some UK prices as soon as we can.

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Comments (8)

    Reminds me of 1993 and fitting an ineffective QR in the name of weight savings.

    Does the weight saving come from not having a fulcrum lever? As the weight is not spinning does it really matter?
    Feels like excessive bling and any weight saved is made up in extra tools??? Or am I missing something?

    45 bucks for a big ally bolt? Jings…

    40g saving? I could save that for free by cutting my toenails.

    Sooooo, it’s an improvement because I now must have a tool with me to take my wheel out?

    Back words step surely… I’ll be sticking with maxles & similar of old I think.

    It originally came from Fox-sponsored rider, Geoff Kabush wanting to be able to swap wheels quickly in a race – so he got a bolt that fit in place of the QR and his mechanic in the pits had an electric drill with an Allen bit in it. I think that’s probably going to be where this gets used the most.

    Like in F1???

    Ahhh it wasn’t like that when I was oh god no what’s happened to me???

    Belated April fools surely?

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